‘Guardians’ of women moral values are stupid and indecent thinkers

Posted on August 10, 2013 06:07 pm

In Contador Harrison’s universe, freedom of any nature is guaranteed ranging from physical freedom, mental freedom, spiritual freedom and this means if I had my way, near total freedom would have existed. Sadly, events of this morning left me wondering if some people share similar thinking. A plan by a man to regulate how his woman should sit in a coffee shop was not only stupid, it is also grossly indecent. If the mid twenties looking lady was dressed in a mini skirt, one would have understood the jealous nature of men with their fling partners. For heaven sake her outfit covered even the ankles. The reasoning behind the idea itself was discriminative and indecent by nature. Such a move in liberal countries where women rights are respected would have sparked a public uproar but luckily for the buffoon, women in this part of the world are not valued and in most cases, they are viewed as secondary objects despite their natural beauty and famed hardworking culture.Stupid mentality is something part of the society can afford to live with but indecent treatment is something that must stop no matter who you are.Talk about stupidity at its best, one law for himself and law for his partner. The bloody uncool man was wearing butt britches despite his late thirties looking face and dyed hair like a teen, a classic illustration of how archaic and discriminatory he is.

Seated next to their table, I was annoyed to hear him telling the energetic looking lady to sit sideways with her legs dangling off to one side which was not comfortable and even when they were served, she was struggling to eat like tween hence beating the logic why they were having an outing in the first place.In my thinking, perhaps the man could have tried seating that way for an hour to experience it. Stupidly enough, the man actually had a $10 or less phone yet he wanted everyone at the coffee shop to know he has a phone. Brainless indeed. Am not bragging but I have never possessed such a worthless gadget.Although it many not be surprising to those accustomed to men culture of authoritarianism, supposedly the guardians of the women’s moral standards, I was lowered. Seriously, Contador Harrison doesn’t need to have a filthy, sick, indecent mind to find it improper for a woman displaying her curves and her legs are apart but I have no moral authority to ask people how to dress, seat or eat. I really don’t appreciate any practice extremely discriminative of our women. When an ‘illiterate’ man like the one I saw turns up in a public area like the coffee shop and comes up with his own stupid commands, it really hurt. Statistics show that the most discriminated and punished human beings are women followed by children. At this age and era, I don’t expect a woman to be humiliated in public in a secular country. It is really up to decent men and women across the world, whom I hope make up the majority, to stop all discriminatory practices that go against 21st century setting.

Contador Harrison