Green Technology in Africa

Posted on September 6, 2012 09:15 pm

Africa’s acceptance of green living and green technology is growing at a steady pace. Green technology, an application of science and technology to conserve the environment and reduce the negative impact of pollution caused by inappropriate waste disposal is finally taking shape in Sub Saharan Africa.The intent to save the environment is there although public and private goodwill is lacking due to lack of awareness and education about caring for the environment. Most African countries I have traveled lacks adequately trained and educated their people about green technology and being environmentally friendly.Government objectives should focus on educating the public about green technology and the benefits that comes with them and the environment. Another area should be aimed at pushing for the rapid adoption of green technology to address environmental and energy security issue, as well as deliver a sustainable economic growth for the promising African continent green technology industry.

The primary excuse many Africans give for not adopting green living is that the technology is expensive and many appliances that claim to be green are priced at a premium, compared to the general products available on the market. African countries households should start small, such as by bringing their own shopping bags to supermarkets, or taking along their own reusable food containers instead of relying on the polystyrene boxes provided by hawkers and restaurants. The mindset of Africans needs to change and once this changes, it will help more to go green and open doors for green technology.I do know that it is going to be a long process to get all Africans to develop environmental friendly habits like recycling and switching to energy-efficient appliances. There are also bigger things, such as using biotechnology to turn our waste products into useful by-products. Ideally, nothing should go to waste and everything should be recycled which will save the continent much needed cash.


Contador Harrison