Google is Contador Harrison’s official travel partner

Posted on March 9, 2013 09:44 am

One thing I like about technology is that it does not discriminate who you are or what you do. In my case, it has become the norm for me to conduct a thorough search online before embarking on a trip especially in foreign countries and there is no doubt Google is my favorite search engine. Also, I do bookmark several websites and download apps that facilitate my travel plans that help me on my plans that I consider any time I’m traveling.My primary travel plans start with a destination search as well as the basic maps and transportation functions.The current traffic conditions are also equally important before I set off and while am on the go, I always ensure I’ve downloaded the app where I am capable of getting estimated travel times as well as finding alternative routes if things look busy with Google Maps Navigation Beta.

I also use maps apps on my Macbook to create a map of the places that matter to me most and access them from my iPhone.I can mark locations, add details such as photos and links and invite others to collaborate on my map.The tools I use them for mapping out my travel plans and sharing a map of my favorite places with friends and I also save and use certain maps offline.I do also sign in to my Google accounts to access one map across my devices with all my saved favorite places. Also, I do get search suggestions based on my Macbook search history. Sometimes I invite my friends to join with me with the Google+ Hangouts application which is available free of charge.

One of the best travel tools is Google Now. The app is an intelligent personal assistant running on Jelly Bean.It can tell today’s weather and how much traffic to expect. It is an extension of Android’s native Google Search application.Google Now uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of web services. In addition to that, with Google Street View, I can preview a destination while am on the go, explore landmark buildings and places, parks, storefronts and roads around with 360-degree street-level imagery. It is also possible for me to look inside some restaurants, businesses, museums and cultural sites. That officially makes Google my official travel partner!

Contador Harrison