Google expect rise in Australia removal requests

Posted on April 25, 2013 11:21 am

The government of Australia asked for 145 items to be removed from Google’s search engine, YouTube, Blogger as well as the social network site Google+ in the second half of 2012 up from 92 for the first half of the year. Together with the United States and Egypt, Australia officially asked the YouTube to investigate if videos of the controversial Innocence of Muslims video violated the video service providers community guidelines, Google revealed in its Transparency Report for the last half of 2012. Overall, the company saw a 26% increase in global government takedown requests, with a total 2,285 during the half. For YouTube, Google received seven requests to remove content from Australian law enforcement agencies. It complied with four of the requests and the rest it ignored.

Well known YouTube’s community guidelines clearly states that that clips flagged as inappropriate could be removed, but in the case of “Innocence of Muslims”, Google found the rules had not been violated. Other countries asked Google to remove the clips completely, and YouTube restricted them from viewing in several countries where emotions were high especially in Muslim countries. Transparency Report revealed the majority of takedown requests came from an unnamed Australian local transportation agency that managed to get 119 videos removed from YouTube for using a protected trademark without permission. Between January – June 2012, 49 content removal requests were made. In comparison, the July to December 2011 time period saw a bumper crop of 640 removal requests that were mostly related to Google web search.

Contador Harrison