‘Gangnam Style’ video is the darling of Playstation generation

Posted on November 25, 2012 01:32 pm

South Korean rapper PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has become YouTube’s most viewed video of all time.The singer who is not my type and one I can describe as skilled not talented, has surprised me.You Tube says in a posting on its Trends blog that “Gangnam Style” had been viewed 805 million times as of Saturday afternoon, surpassing another industry manufactured singer canadian Justin Bieber, whose “Baby,” has had 803 million views as of yesterday evening.The blog says the “velocity of popularity for PSY’s outlandish video is unprecedented.”PSY’s video featuring his horse-riding dance was posted on YouTube in July, while “Baby” was uploaded in February 2010.I first watched his video early September he has risen from obscurity to become a pop sensation worldwide. Unlike Contador Harrison who belong to the MTV generation, the fans of PSY have grown up with iPhones and other smartphones, iPods, Playstation among others as their glued body extensions.

I have no grudge with what people like but PSY’s fans who have made him popular are marooned in a global technocracy of fancy gadgets engineered by emotional poverty where everything is refracted for them through the social media platforms like YouTube.We are living in a world of blurred borderlines between childhood and adulthood as well as between elderly  and young ones. The young waver between dependence and independence and are slow to leave the comforts of home and although am not a family man per se, old family hierarchies have been tore apart. I know am an old fashioned when it comes to music but before you call me names, ask yourself in this era of miniaturisation, computer generated special effects and image manipulation by Photoshop music has become so disconnected with originality and any noisemaker can become a musician. I do love new school music but only if its original and International idols have always had that infectious energy and are seen as symbols of a new dawn. Look at the magnetic presence of talented singers in music today from Katie Perry, Adele,Jessica Mauboy, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, Cheryl Cole, Emeli Sande, Pink, Calvin Harris to mention but a few. Generation PSY doesn’t identify with powerful vocal styles because their own voices have atrophied and most of them communicate mutely through constant stream of text messages.

These are the singers who have maintained fine arts which makes their songs entertaining and unique which has in turn built their image unlike the so called PSY whose song Gangnam styel has been replaced with computer aided video games from which the cartoonish PSY seems to have popped and vanished at the end of the song yet it is the most popular song of the new generation.PSY is a manufactured personality to come off the oven of desperate music industry producers whose fate has been sealed by the ever changing world. Photos of PSY just last year show a man with a glowing complexion but from the so called most watched video ever, show PSY world fame, however, with giant sunglasses and rudely worn in video makes him look like a ghoulish that has a trace of spontaneity. In most public appearances, PSY has been lavishly scripted in advance with a flamboyant dress code assembled by an invisible team of elves that has no idea of creativity. In fact, PSY is like a plasticized android. I have no idea what the new generation sees in this video. To me, PSY is an artificial pop singer who has stolen the limelight from talented singers and has ended up becoming the icon of his generation. In PSY manic miming of persona after persona, over-conceptualized and claustrophobic, we may have reached the end where music was about entertainment to a point where desperados are branded as singers.

Alarmingly,Generation PSY can’t tell the difference between natural and artificial singers. Is it the death of Music as we knew it? Perhaps the symbolic status that music had for decades has gone kaput and that blazing trajectory is over. The YouTube has been a communications revolution, the magnificent fulfillment of Marshall McLuhan’s prophecy of a ‘global village’ but it has done more damage than good through fragmentation and dispersed personal expression, draining energy from the performing arts, with their dynamic physicality. For a decade and a half, stars have steadily waned in power and sexual charge. Hate or like me, PSY is just a stimulating burst of novelty and is shameless recycler of other singer’s work. The new generation of music fans belong to a gender that is now more fabricated rather than biological, there is no difference between public and private and they adore and believe in reality-TV shows, phone conversations, dirty linen and personal secrets are stupidly blabbed on Twitter ,Orkut, Facebook and Google plus.Hence PSY gratuitously natters on about his fake creativity in the sprawling anarchy of the web, where fact and fiction has been wiped for good.That is why I still buy original music videos not because I don’t know about YouTube but because am a man of facts and therefore am not among the so called 800 Million plus viewers of Korean.I strongly believe that if it was in 1980s this man would not even have made it on the top 1,000 songs on the Billboard charts.If you can take my word,ask him how many singles has he sold and to what and if so,have the sales been verified by credible firm?I don’t gang nam nam gang!

Contador Harrison