Festive season: The right time to rest and recollect memories of 2013

Posted on December 24, 2013 12:25 pm

The time of the year when majority of people trash their problems temporarily and log in their brains and focus to festive season mood is here. Xmas is tomorrow and 2014 is nearly upon us, and yesterday I asked 15 of my closest friends what resolutions they will set for their businesses. The ones in Australia, US and UK told me they expect growth while two friend who live in Tokyo and Seoul were less optimistic and they believe good news won’t come without pain. A blud based in Melbourne is working on preparations and strategic planning for next year. A restaurant owner in Munich, Germany who hosted me three years ago, and who happens to be a business mentor back is focusing on his staff with aim to increase their happiness among staff. Another plan for Bavarian blud is mentoring his staff to increase empowerment and even allow them to form a union that can be used as a channel to air their grievances and act as custodian for employee profit sharing kitty. I was amazed by his advanced operation plan in processing and internal communications that could end up inspiring thousands of business owners around the world.

In Europe, the pressure to work for long hours is now becoming a norm as jobless population keep increasing by the day especially in Spain, Greece, Ireland and Italy. Although very many employers have grand plans for next year, each particular industry and job has its own characteristics. However, overworked staff is easily becoming a pattern in the labor industry. In countries where labor laws are respected, companies, through their managers, share responsibility for the welfare of their employees. And besides all legal rules and regulations, it is in every employer’s interest to make sure employees can fulfill their tasks without jeopardizing their non-working life like socializing. There is also need for employer to provide a safe and if possible, comfortable working environment.  At US firm where a blud works, they are anticipating solid growth next year similar to this year and to deal with that demand they have responded by building a small but productive team. Whether we like it or not, some jobs require special skills and some are more demanding than others. However, what all jobs have in common is the employees must perform better and perform their tasks as part of a wholesome overall lifestyle. Luckily, the festive season is the most appropriate time to rest, leisure and with reasonable and acceptable limitation of working hours. Festive season is the time to share joy, love and recollect the most beautiful memories of the year ending in few days time. Sit back and cotch.Enjoy the holiday season.

Contador Harrison