Fast Identity Online alliance pledges to revolutionize online passwords

Posted on February 13, 2013 02:10 pm

An Alliance of world’s leading technology companies, has vowed to create a standards based open protocol that all companies and services in the online space can adopt and use to change the way consumers log in and identify themselves. According to group, the Alliance is dedicated to working together to simplify and strengthen the online authentication process. The alliance has been formed in response to the growing need for online passwords in everyday life and the fact that existing methods of Internet based authentication are open to malware and phishing attacks and which does put users at risk of financial and identity theft. Recent studies have shown that consumers are suffering from password fatigue as the number of Internet based accounts and services the average online user needs every day has grown significantly.

Fido-Alliance logo
Fido-Alliance logo

There is also a growing feeling that most online users are abandoning websites during sign-in instead of going through the added struggle of resetting and recovering their password information. The FIDO alliance also expects that their revolution will address main pertinent issues that are security risks and password fatigue. Their standard would support existing alternatives to traditional passwords, such as near-field communication and USB, as well as paving the way for new approaches such as biometrics like fingerprint, voice or facial recognition. Internet, especially with mobile and cloud expansion is exposing users and enterprises, more than ever before, to fraudsters and it has become critical for users to know who you’re dealing with online. FIDO Alliance is a private sector and industry driven collaboration to combat the very real challenge of confirming every user’s identity online.

The team expects that by giving users choice in the way they authenticate and taking an open-based approach to standards, the alliance can make universal online authentication a reality. The alliance want every company, vendor, and organization that needs to verify user identity to join them in making online authentication easier and safer for users everywhere. In FIDO’s vision of the future, any FIDO-enabled device, would work in lieu of traditional authentication methods and grant the owner immediate, secure access to the online service or account. Strong demand for authentication markets are being largely driven by social networking sites, cloud and mobile, all of which will require higher and higher levels of authentication by governments, corporations and consumers. I do look forward to the powerful privacy organization reaction to the new developments.

Contador Harrison