Factors affecting sex life

Posted on June 30, 2017 12:02 am

Its summer season and folks are all over having fun, of cause including that most sought after fun known as fling. Despite the appetite for it, our stressful lives are killing our relationships, intimacy and sex lives.Those of us old enough to have lived in both 20th century and 21st century, knows that 21st century life throws up lots of challenges and hurdles for lovers who often complain they’re no longer getting busy in the bedroom as much as they did earlier in their relationships. But how can it happen every day throws different challenges in our lives?There are plenty of factors affecting our lives from stress, kids, working long hours, fatigue, worries about finances, running on little sleep, erectile dysfunction, hormonal imbalances killing off libidos, among other culprits we often hear about when lovers find they aren’t getting it on as much as they would like. However, summer season present an opportunity for couples to have a family or time on their own. Sadly, even during summer, people are having less sex which is down to the surge of computing devices being used in our every day life from smart phones, tablets, watching YouTube videos, movie screening services on the bedroom telly and many more challenges that didn’t exist in 20th century.As part of millennial generation myself, we are more connected than ever before in our lives through social media, but just not intimately with each other.Not only are tweets encroaching into the morning and evening hours, the growing popularity of watching entire television series through streaming services on tablets and laptops has taken its toll in the bedroom business for many. In a sex survey i conducted with my close friends by asking them how their summer is taking them, show a drop-off in the amount of sex they are having. The survey involved fifteen friends, found men now have sex about 1.2 times a week, down from 1.7 times in 2015.For women friends, the figure fell from 1.6 to 1.0 times.In my email questions, I raised the possibility of changes to leisure time they are having this summer compared to two years ago, including spending more time using interactive technology and social media. Investigating the ways in which the time that lovers spend together is impacted by sociocultural influences such as the intrusion of work into personal life through laptops and mobile phones.My friends were definitely having less sex than two years ago. What I don’t know for sure is why.It might be the phones and laptops, the late work emails. For female friends, I feel it could also be part of their gradual lessening in women’s sexual urge.

The truth is, all the female friends said they don’t need to have sex when they don’t feel like it whether its summer or not.But they all agreed that interference from social media and watching TV is no good for sex. No doubt men and women need energy for sex. But the way people divide up their lives creates stress and then turn to devices like smartphones to wind down and de-stress.When I look at daily life, there’s enough things pulling us in different directions as human being. For example when a married woman has a job and deadlines, definitely certain stresses and children will affect her sex life.Those who can’t put down their computing devices, chances are that by the time both are done with their devices, they’ll be exhausted and will then fall asleep. Sex is only a chore when one or the other of couple think that sex is just a duty one has to do because you’re dating or married, and find themselves doing it at the same time every week, in the same positions, it becomes almost as exciting as putting the bins out once a week. In fact one of my friend told me that spontaneity and variety help keep the bedroom alive between her and the partner. One female friend noted her sex urge had dropped because his boyfriend has a habit of eating too late, having late dinners and midnight snacks which makes him tired, full and not feeling good enough about himself. In most cases, when that happens he is never in the mood for sexy times. To address the issue, she has recommended to the boyfriend to be eating lighter so that he can have more energy to have sex in the evenings with her and so far according to her it has started yielding changes. Another female pointed out that how her boyfriend excessive drinking has delivered a huge problem in their sexual relationship. She says that his alcohol consumption is probably not only a turn-off for her, but it has affected her boyfriend performance over the last two years. For the blokes, the factors were almost the same with most lambasting their girlfriends for not drinking enough water which makes them dehydrated which eventually sinks their libido levels. They also don’t like how most of their girlfriends always complain about getting headaches during sex that leaves them feeling like trash and not in the mood for a romp. Dehydration also they told your blogger can also be a cause of vaginal dryness which can make sex painful and make it harder to achieve orgasms.Some blokes also claimed that watching too much porn makes them interested in getting off to porn than they are with a real live woman, which leads to huge issues in their sex life with their agitated girlfriends.For both men and women, they said answering the phone during sex is a huge put off and all believe phones should be switched off while wedding tackles are in action.

Contador Harrison