Facing Facebook’s cruel reality

Posted on April 24, 2013 10:51 am

Last December, I shared a close friend painful ordeal that dismantled my love for Facebook.Every now and then, I do share some interesting stuff on my Facebook wall and I do take time to check what friends have posted and where necessary, I do make comments. However, yesterday a man Facebook page was flooded with pictures of a naked woman apparently that of an ex-girlfriend. Many people turned to the man Facebook page to praise him for uploading nude images. None of the 108 comments made within an hour condemned the evil-minded man acts of exposing a “future mother”. In my case, it was quite a shock. I went a step ahead and asked the man why he was posting and uploading such obscene pictures and if he would be have been happy to glorify such an act if it were happening to his sister. The guy was blunt and told me to mind my own business and leave him alone.

As a matter of fact, I went to sleep last night think about that conversation and woke up with those messages and comments posted. This morning, more than 300 comments had been made on those uploaded pictures and none was sympathetic with the lady but am not sure if the victim is aware. Although I do not know the lady, it frankly it pained me. Learning about the cruelty of the love world is one thing, but the very shocking images of the naked woman have opened my eyes as a veteran Netizen. Truth be told, I have seen “buffoons” in various social media platforms posting what an average airhead would be ashamed of but I have never seen something like those photos. I allowed my anger settle and afterwards I appreciated the fact that this is how our “social media generation” will have to learn from social media by opening our minds to both the “clean” and “dirty” contents and be mindful about information posted. I have always treated social media networks as forums for me to share knowledge and not a platform to wash dirty linen but just like any other platform, there are always two sides to everything.

Contador Harrison