Facebook Unveils Graph Search

Posted on January 15, 2013 04:30 am

With more than 240 billion photos, Graph Search will now make it easier to find public photos after Facebook announced a major addition to its social network. The feature allows users to make searches of content shared by Facebook friends. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg revealed that it was not a web search, and it is not a direct challenge to search giant Google. “We look at Facebook as a big social database,” said Mr Zuckerberg, adding that social search was Facebook’s “third pillar” and stood beside the news feed and timeline as the foundational elements of the social network. Zuckerberg said Graph Search was integrating Microsoft’s Bing search engine for situations when graph search itself could not find answers.The official YouTube video of the much-hyped event, Zuckerberg claims he did not expect people to start flocking to Facebook to do Web Search as that is not the primary intent of the new product. He added that graph search would launch immediately as a beta test, and would roll out gradually.

The tool will be usable from the blue banner that sits at the top of every Facebook page. Zuckerberg also disclosed they are going to put an encouragement on the home screen of everyone’s account so that everyone has the chance to look through these tools. Facebook is going to do this before graph search is fully rolled out. External developers would eventually have access to the data in graph search but access wasn’t available yet by the time I finished watching the event clip.The Facebook founder added that they have years and years of work ahead of us. The social graph is the name given to the collective pool of information shared between friends that are connected via the Facebook. This will include things such as photos, status updates, location data as well as the things they have “liked”. In another demo on the YouTube clip, Facebook developer Tom Stocky demonstrated how search for queries such as “friends of friends who are single in San Francisco”. In addition to that, Tom Stocky said that the same Technology could be used for recruitment using graph search to find people who fit criteria for certain jobs as well as mutual connections.

Contador Harrison