Facebook Audience Network introduction will enhance privacy

Posted on April 29, 2014 03:32 pm

Social networking site Facebook has unveiled plans to make ease application coders work with a 24 months stability guarantee for its entire platform as well as versioning for application programming interfaces in announcement this evening at its annual F8 developer conference. According to Facebook, stability will guarantee applies to core Facebook features such as Login, Sharing, Requests and software development kits. It also covers frequently used Graph API endpoints. Facebook will continue to support earlier versions for at least two years, with versioning providing control for developers on how best they can upgrade app instances to take advantage of the latest platform features. Facebook also revealed a new SDK for the server-side scripting language PHP, as well as updated existing SDKs for Apple iOS, Google Android, and JavaScript. An open source cross-platform solution for mobile deep linking called App Links was also mentioned and works very well on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.


Facebook expects it will provide smooth, sustainable way for developers to control what happens when users click on content in their cellphones. To those developers who wishe to access more than a user’s public profile, friend list and email address, they will need to submit their app for a login review from now henceforth and that would ensure app follows Facebook’s policies and best practices for permissions. Developers will also be able to apply for the new Anonymous Login beta program which allows people to log into apps they wish to try out without sharing their personal information. A mobile feature, A Send To Mobile feature with Facebook Login lets developers send notifications to users’ phones to download mobile apps when people log into websites, which Facebook said provides a convenient way to convert desktop traffic to mobile. Facebook also revealed a beta of a new mobile advertising feature, the Audience Network and it is expected to enables advertisers to display targeted relevant campaigns to users with high quality ads.

Contador Harrison