Eye Tribe: Time to control my iPad

Posted on November 1, 2012 09:39 pm

Times when tapping the screen of my iPad was too much for me will be over and dusted in the annals of history soon courtesy of the EyeDock from The Eye Tribe. The software adds an inexpensive webcam and infrared LED to my tablet and pinpoints which icon am looking at on the screen then operates the software for me. The Eye Tribe,is a Danish startup company that has designed a product to enable tablet users to turn pages or play games using eye movements. The company has pinned hopes that it will clinch deals with major mobile phone and tablet makers after developing software that enables users to control their devices by moving their eyes. The Eye Tribe, has also revealed how one can use the product for basic control, such as turning to the next page in an e-book, and playing games with your eyes.The software uses infrared light reflected from the pupil of the eye, which is recorded by the device’s camera, enabling users to scroll or click on their screens with their eyes. When am reading an e-book and I get to the bottom of the page, the software will know to turn to the next page, or if I look away from the screen it will dim it. That has mesmerised me.The company plans to release the technology at no cost to other software developers early next year.

Eye Tribe logo
Eye Tribe logo

Eye Tribe is also releasing software development kits to developers so they can actually start developing applications and good news is that they intend to give it away and it won’t cost anything.The company does not intend to develop all apps themselves, so they are allowing the software community to develop apps and I will be one of them. Eye Tribe aims to get their software integrated in the hardware of big tablet producers, so consumers can buy a tablet with the software and then download apps that run with the eye control technology.The Eye Tribe aims to earn money from licensing fees from companies producing the hardware or platforms, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung.Cameras on current mobile devices still need to be connected to a small unit with an infrared camera to work with the software, but the company says next-generation devices would very likely be able to use the software. At the moment, if people want to use the software, they need an additional device that has either been added to a current smartphone or tablet, or a new hardware device that is not yet on the market.The technology is expected to significantly change the way users play games and use apps.I am personally convinced that it will radically change things. It will be a completely hands-free interaction with mobile devices. The most interesting effect will be for all kinds of games, education and entertainment purposes and even disabled people would also benefit.

Contador Harrison