eSports Betting in Africa

Posted on September 14, 2017 12:01 am

eSports betting in Africa is taking shape. eSports, basically, is the professional world of video gamers. Few days ago, I had a chance to discuss with an industry insider about the opportunities eSports betting presents in African market and the world in general. She gave me a better idea of where to find the best markets, how to find the markets, and what to look out for when having a punt on the professional video gamers. In fact it’s been around for several years now but most people may have started to hear about eSports more and more in the public limelight in the last two years.With increasing amounts of money being poured into the video games each year, it is only natural to expect that there were options to start betting on it. For those who are keen eyed punters, they realize how much value there is in it as the bookies.eSports players are paid higher than some major sports stars around the world and for those who doubt what I’m talking about, it’s here to stay, and will only increase dramatically over time and Africa won’t be left behind.With most of the big traditional sports betting companies adapting quite quickly for eSports, there is a huge variety of markets offered, different odds available, and differing times as to when these markets are available in Africa. According to the expert who thoroughly enlighten your blogger, the bigger the tournament, the earlier markets are released. Those keeping an eye on certain finals matches, they can often expect such markets to open up a good few days beforehand but don’t count on it. In countries like South Africa, its possible to find the markets opening up mere hours before the event and unless one constantly refresh betting app, a lot of the time its easier to miss out.When markets initially go live, its common to find they are limited to a simple head to head win market.

The closer it gets to the actual game, the more the markets open up. For example, 24 hours before a match you might be limited to head to head win only, but within 8 hours that will have changed to include a variety of markets including map score, team scores, overs, unders to mention but a few. She advised that big one to pay attention to in eSports is market shifts. Being a relatively new betting market opening up, the odds posted initially will often change dramatically as new information is made available, for example team roster changes. She encouraged that those willing to bet have to wait for the further betting options to open up, to find that sometimes the best value to be made in the initial hour or two of the markets being open. The markets will always be found under eSports on the bookies.Those who regularly punt on sporting events especially in South Africa, eSports should be treated no differently. Covering everything from first map winners, first kills, overs and unders, betters should treat it exactly the same as they would with any other sporting event.Her views is that reading it all to get a better understanding is valuable, but there were more key notes that i took from her advise. One of them is that more betting options like map score, total games will begin to open up the closer better get to the game date. Its important for better to keep an eye out there for some great value. Also, depending on how big the event is, markets can open up either days before, or hours before, it’s all about knowing which ones are the big ones. Africa’s best bookies for eSports betting offer different events every now and then but there’s no clear market leader at the moment. She did also point out that those willing to bet need to find out more information on where to find previous results, tournament results and game information.Overall, learnt plenty about eSports betting. Word of caution given to me was that as always, there’s no single correct way to bet, and what works for another person may not be the case for others to grasp. But hey, what matters is that even African eSport betting market is growing.

Contador Harrison