Embrace good eating habits to stay fit and strong

Posted on July 14, 2013 11:54 pm

I have never been overweight in my life but the problem has attracted my as the number of obese in kids reaches an alarming rate. Deep inside my heart, I feel for children whose careless parents don’t bother an inch about food and feeding habits of infants at the time when they start eating solid food yet just like our time there are opportunities to feed them with healthy food that will promote good health in years to come. Tweens and teenagers nowadays typically adopt eating patterns that are presented. Nobody can deny it is easier to learn habits rather than see. Its alarming how younger generation consume in plenty amount the highly processed foods, sweets, meats, fried foods and salt. That has resulted in rising number of obesity cases in children. That has lead to chronic health problems that were a preserve of old people at my tween and teen like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and sleeping problems. Excessive use of fatty and sugary foods like chocolates should be a matter of concern to any responsible parent.

Research has shown that such kind of foods easily satisfy hunger and in the end kids eat too little of the valuable foods. I admit that obesity is not an exception but an excessive deposition and storage of fat from nutritional imbalance and physical inactivity has contributed by far to the so-called “fat generation” because there is too much unhealthy food and too little exercise. Research in countries like Canada, China, Japan and Australia has proven that if there is no obese family member, the chance for an average child to be obese is 2 to 6 percent. In United States and Mexico, research has shown that if one of the parents is obese, the child has a 50 percent chance of obesity. In Nordic and Baltic countries, if both parents are obese, the kid will have a 90% chance of being burdened with obesity. Ask me and I will tell you excessive fat intake and sedentary employment, sofa spuds, and processed foods fanaticism combined with lack of exercise always lead to a pig like body. My advise to all those lazy lot out there, embrace good eating habits that will keep you fit and eat quality food otherwise you will not like this world. To those who make jokes and fun about the overweight community, behave and be mindful.

Contador Harrison