Educational trips in Africa

Posted on September 22, 2012 11:54 pm

Online initiatives to hold a series of field trips designed to excite and inspire students has been in place over the last few months in some countries of East and Southern Africa. Mainly supported and funded by Non Governmental Organizations partnering with partner states ministries of Education and schools, field trips are increasingly becoming popular with students and parents alike in Africa as most of them are achieving the aim of opening new doors for majority of students from needy families who may not have such opportunities otherwise like their wealthy families counterparts. The use of educational field trips has long been a major part of the education programming for students and in case of Africa funding limitations, time constraints, poor roads and insecurity as well as increased liability concerns many education professionals in the continent balk at requests for field trips. In spite of these concerns, well-planned field trips are turning out to be very valuable tools in the extension agents educational toolbox.The trips mainly takes place during holidays seasons.

During the trips, students engage in conversations with several notable individuals who share their experiences about what it was like to work in the information and communications technology industry and mainly in corporate sector. They are also taught about the global competencies required for thriving in a multinational environment in their countries. In countries like South African and Kenya, the students also get to experience various technologies, ranging from videogame consoles to touchscreens to a Skype sessions.Increasing the number of school field trips is helping improve children’s understanding and knowledge, according to a group promoting field trip education in Kenya and Zambia.They says getting outside to study helps pupils engage better with what they are studying.

Contador Harrison