DR Congo needs sustainable business practices

Posted on November 26, 2014 01:12 pm

Inclusive sustainable growth is no longer a buzzword for environmentalists and green groups. Governments and businesses too are growing increasingly aware that without sustainability, the future will be bleak. Your blogger now know that countries cannot continue to consume and destroy natural environment at the rate they have been doing for the past century. Both developed as well as developing countries have a moral duty to preserve the environment for future generations. Democratic Republic of Congo, one of richest nations on earth in terms of natural resources and biodiversity, has a particularly important role to play in this global pursuit. The country’s growing population has to understand that unless business model and supply chains are in accordance to global and nationally recognized sustainable practices, it just a matter of time before natural environment will be lost.

In today’s environment, sustainability can no longer be an afterthought. It must be ingrained into the very core of every business activity. Governments and civil society organizations in Democratic Republic of Congo must also play their part for only then will mankind have a fighting chance. The good news is that DR Congo’s businesses are waking up to this reality. More and more companies, both domestic and multinational, are implementing sustainable practices as highlighted by the large number of companies that won one of the African sustainable business awards last year. Understanding sustainability is not easy so these companies should be applauded. They must be used as role-models so that all DR Congo’s population can enjoy a clean environment. Unless companies change, consumers will force them to change.

Contador Harrison