Don’t hate the dater, hate the dating

Posted on June 27, 2017 12:00 am

Dating is a very explosive topic whenever people discusses it. That wasn’t any different like when I engaged a friend couple of days ago when he changed his Google plus status from in a relationship to single. His response was full of venom but I didn’t care as that’s normal with men and women in and out of relationships. He said being a great girlfriend is not just about how you look. My immediate girlfriend thought that her beauty was enough. Believe it or not Contador Harrison, men are looking for deeper qualities beyond superficial things. That woman didn’t just get what I wanted. I asked him whether that was an issue he could not raise with the girlfriend, and said he did. Of cause your blogger can’t verify whether he really raised his concerns. I didn’t even know his girlfriend but listening to him such outcomes have little to do with girls age, body shape or appearance, and more to do with how they treat a man and how a man feels when he’s with the girlfriend.A childhood friend who was recently divorced after finding out the woman had two more bulls in addition to him, once told me that self confidence is hugely important to men when considering a potential girlfriend. Men apparently recognise the fact that if a woman feels good about herself, she’ll be more fun to be around and also more able to take compliments when a man gives them.Also, I vividly recall him saying that a confident woman is more likely to assert her independence and have a life outside of the relationship. This is important for men because they want the freedom to be able to pursue their own interests without their girlfriend feeling jealous or threatened.A woman who means what she says and says what she means and generally most men hate mind games. Men feel like they’re being manipulated when wife or girlfriend use sulking, hints, sarcasm or innuendos to get what they want. Like the case of the bloke aforementioned, men can’t read minds but know that if they don’t guess what she wants, they could be criticised, or even dumped, for being insensitive. That could be the reason why he’s now left the girlfriend and as i write this, all the pictures he had published on his Instagram and Google plus with her have all been deleted.

In his case, i think he want a girlfriend who’s upfront and clear about what she wants and needs from him and who’s able to take no for an answer if its something he genuinely doesn’t want to do, or a need he can’t fulfill. Unfortunately for him, few women like those exist in today’s world. Its 21st century for heaven sake, women just like men have evolved. What I know hasn’t changed is that almost all men will always go the extra mile for their woman if she’s appreciative of the small things that he does for her. Both ancient and modern men wants a girlfriend who will respect and approve of him, not criticise, nag or judge him and that is something your blogger holds high. A man wants to feel like he makes a valuable contribution to girlfriend or wife’s life and the more she tells him he does, the more he’ll want to do for her. Some may term that as a backward mentality but i think otherwise.When a wife or girlfriend criticise hubby or partner, she’s withdrawing approval and it can seriously undermine a man desire to contribute to the relationship if he feels he can never please her.Back to the case of the newly single man, i won’t be surprised to know that although he responded to the obvious visual signs of desirability in his immediate girlfriend, he sounded more responsive to the sensuality and openness his girlfriend demonstrated when she was with him.We all know that a desirable woman is open, expressive and demonstrative with her feelings and makes a man feel awesome because she has the ability to light him up when he walks in the house. In fact, scientifically its said that there’s a basic instinct in a man which makes him want to be the alpha male in a woman’s life. Men mostly wants to feel strong, capable and able to protect and provide for her. It may seem like a 20th century ideas but my view is that they are still the primal instincts that manage relationships no matter how liberated the sexes of 21st century have become.Men relationships with women are built on having a potential partner when they’re looking for a girlfriend who they can do stuff with them together as well as support and encourage them to pursue their own ambitions. If the girlfriend of my friend didn’t realise that, then I can understand why he’s single and back to starting point.

Contador Harrison