Don Williams “Come Early Morning” is my favorite

Posted on September 10, 2017 09:48 am

Following Don Williams death, I shared how the iconic Country music tunes became part of my childhood life and through friends, Williams influence hasn’t waned. A Nashville friend challenges me to pick one Williams song that I could listen without tiring, and although i was spoilt for choice, eventually i settled on “Come Early Morning.” There were a couple of reasons, one of them is that it used to be the first song on Williams album, Volume One which made the song main staple for the whole album.This song was also Country music radio shows favorite back in my tween and teen despite the fact that it was released in 1974. Whenever I’m in outback for the holiday and I hop in the car to head out to the local market or to hang with high school besties, i listen to Country music. Naturally, I prefer to turn on the music player and pump the metal rock. But the kind of music that radiates well through my stereo system is Country music and for obvious reasons. Holiday time is country-music time, no matter which part of the world you live in. And believe me, even in Africa where people in the developed world think is a laggard, I have seen first hand the love for Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell among others. But here am more focused on what the late Don Williams did to the Country music industry and these lyrics “Come Early Morning”  are the reasons why the song is my choice among hundreds if not thousands of his hits.

I been a walking, walking in the moonlight,
Tripping in the starlight, Lord, and I’m feeling down,
Walking in the shadows, sneaking down a side road,
Come early morning I’ll be there on the edge of town

I was a thinking, thinking bout a good thing,
Thinking bout a sweet gleam, uum, in my honey’s eyes,
And I was a-sinking, feeling kinda lonesome,
Come early morning I’ll be home at my honey’s side

I have drifted up across the mountain,
And I have stumbled down the other side
And I’ve been tempted, tried and troubled,
Come early morning I’ll be home and satisfied

She give me little loving,Give me little sunshine,
Make me have a good time, Lord, When I’m feeling blue,
I couldn’t refuse her, Well I couldn’t misuse her,
Come early morning I’ll be home, With my honeydew

I have drifted up across the mountains,
I have stumbled down the other side
I’ve been tempted, tried and troubled,
Come early morning I’ll be home And satisfied

There is no doubt in my mind that Country music songs are stories that everyone could all relate to in one way or another. In my view, they help guide us, offer comfort or give us the strength to move forward and “Come Early Morning” is one of those songs. Singers like late Williams are more than just a bloke with a hat, over the years they have proved to be honest folks, hardworking  and family values are well enshrined in their lives.The “Come Early Morning” song remind me why Dad used to tell me as a teenage boy that I should always appreciate family and friends. Also, it gives ideas on how to escape reality and am one of those who believe we all need to escape once in a while.Whenever I’m in a low mood and I just want to disconnect to the world, all I have to do is to play Country Music and I start to feel better instantly.One of the personal reasons I love country music is that there is a song for whatever you’re feeling whether I’m feeling excited or sad. My dad used to tell me as a teenager that Country music is an easy way to let me know that am not alone either, and someone out there feels the same way i do. Don Williams maybe dead but his music will live forever.

Contador Harrison