Depression is more than just sadness

Posted on June 10, 2017 12:00 am

It is common for any of us to use depression as term when feeling low or sad, but many might have no idea that depression is actually a real illness that affects mental health. It’s like catching a virus, only it happens to your cerebrum.According to a psychotherapist friend based in Tokyo, Japan, depression can distorts one’s view of the world, making it seem bleaker than it actually is. In her own words, it engenders feelings of worthlessness, helplessness and hopelessness. It prevents people from doing their best at work, school or home. For some, depression leads to self-harm and, ultimately, suicide. The condition sometimes goes unnoticed for months and even years, and it can badly affect the life of a sufferer. Psychotherapist shared some information that helped me further understand about this mental illness. For a start, depression is not a condition that can easily be cured by pulling yourself together. People with a depressive disorder usually lose the ability to take control of themselves. It alters health, mood and thoughts and can interfere with daily life.Depression is a serious illness that needs to be treated, otherwise it can get worse and affect not only the person who has it, but also other people in their life.  There are different types of depression according to psychotherapist that show different symptoms.

One of them is psychotic depression where the patient also develops some form of psychosis such as hallucinations and delusions. The other is postpartum depression that is usually experienced by a new mother. Also common is a type of depression that is seasonal affective disorder, which usually occurs during winter. Another common type is bipolar disorder that causes mood swings such has highs or mania, and lows or depression. The psychotherapist told your blogger that although the person with a depressive disorder may not be aware about the illness they carry, there are certain symptoms that can be noticed in their daily performance. According to her, a person who has depression may experience continuous sadness and feel like they don’t have control of themselves. They have low self-esteem and no motivation to do anything. They often feel anxious and over-worried about something. They also have difficulties in making any decisions. In social life, they are often seen intolerant and avoid social situations. They also often think about committing suicide or self-harm, added the psychotherapist.The psychotherapist also pointed out that a person who seems to have the symptoms listed above should see a psychiatrist for a diagnosis. But people shouldn’t worry because depression is treatable and treatment can be undertaken in many ways. It can include taking prescribed medication or to combine it with other types of treatment. Psychotherapist also proposed an option through a holistic approach by doing a complete analysis of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social condition. Another treatment is through meditation although on average it takes time. Now, you understand why i feel depression is more than just sadness.

Contador Harrison