Depression is ineluctable

Posted on April 5, 2017 12:00 am

Experts defines depression as a condition that can easily be cured if the the depressed person can pull self together.In my existence on this planet, i have seen friends with a depressive disorder losing the ability to take control of themselves. In once case, a close friend from Cairns left me gobsmacked when his health, mood and thoughts interfered severely with his daily life after being dumped by female partner. No wonder i dread them! No more elaboration. Depression is a serious illness that needs to be treated, otherwise it can get worse and affect not only the person who has it, but also other people in their life. In my case, I do feel sad at times, find myself low on energy or motivation and in the past, i found no longer enjoying doing things that used to interest me like driving, biking but during those periods i couldn’t imagine that i may have been experiencing depression. It’s not necessarily about feeling sad. Depression is often a numb feeling rather than sadness. Often it’s not something I can control or just get over like some sort of street insults. Depression can be a serious issue, but there’s treatment available that can help you feel better.Books i have managed to read about depressions shows that causes of depression can include factors such as personality, family history as well as life events or traumatic experiences. For my case, i didn’t know what was the cause as am teetotaller since birth, nor have i ever used those ‘Mr and Mrs High’ stuff that some people use as a treatment for depression. Recently i had a chat with a depression researcher who informed me that there are a number of different types of depression, with distinct symptoms and causes.This means that there are different treatments for different types of depression.

Most people sometimes use the term depression when they’re feeling low or sad, but many might have no idea that depression is actually a real illness that affects our mental health. It’s like catching a flu, only it happens to your brain, she added.The condition sometimes goes unnoticed for months and even years, and it can badly affect the life of a sufferer.The depression researcher who hails from Gold Coast told me there are four types of depression that show different symptoms. The first is psychotic depression where the patient also develops some form of psychosis such as hallucinations and delusions. The other type of depression is seasonal affective disorder, which usually occurs during winter. Also, there is postpartum depression that is usually experienced by a new mother as well as bipolar disorder that causes mood swings such has highs or mania, and lows or depression.She explained to me that although the person with a depressive disorder may not be aware about the illness they carry, there are certain symptoms that can be noticed in their daily performance. In her own research work, she has found out that a person who has depression may experience continuous sadness and feel like they don’t have control of themselves. They have low self-esteem and no motivation to do anything. They often feel anxious and over-concerned about something. They also have difficulties in making any decisions. In social life, they are often seen intolerant and avoid social situations.

In her research work involving Queensland and New South Wales, she found out that such people often think about committing suicide or self-harm.She did however give me hope just like many other out there that depression is treatable and treatment can be undertaken in many ways. It can include taking prescribed medication or to combine it with other types of treatment.Another option is through a broad based approach which includes providing a self-help guide to returning to normality through a natural approach, by doing a complete analysis of his or her mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social condition. She also advises depressed folks to seek treatment however long it takes, through meditation.Overall, feelings of hopelessness is expressed by depressed people, shading from moodiness into contemplation of suicide. In some places like New South Wales, there is a plague of alcohol abuse, and many young people get drunk almost every day and this actually exacerbates symptoms, as alcohol is a depressant not a stimulant, as some believe. It may make you cheerful for awhile, but is often followed by melancholy, she added.She advised your blogger than next time he has such challenges, he can counteract such feelings by taking pills just to get through the day but i can swear that will never happen because i know they cause lasting nervous system damage.In my recent past, I have encountered relatively young people who suffer from depression. On the other hand, I believe people like your blogger with high-octane related working schedule are more inclined to suffer from anxiety and depression. It sure seems that way and can’t see how every now and then I can avoid it. At least for me, depressive moments comes from work related stuff and not from human beings!

Contador Harrison