Deloitte study: Preparedness is the key to security

Posted on February 14, 2013 09:32 am

A study conducted by Deloitte has found companies operating in the technology, media and communications industries are shifting security focus from simple regulatory compliance to one of preparedness and resilience. The global survey of 121 companies revealed a fundamental shift in the way large organizations are thinking about information security and Cyber risk is a top technology priority for businesses around the world. The proliferation of third party networks has weakened defense systems, and more than half of the organizations surveyed acknowledged a security breach in the last year. In addition, less than half of the respondents reported having a plan in place to address a security breach. One of the overarching trends of the survey is the increased focus on mobile security.

This is also being underscored by the growth in concern about cloud security and employees bringing their own devices and in some cases signing up to their own app services within the enterprise. In addition to that, the report says that the use of cloud and BYO has come to the focus of organizations because they also realize their employees are not fully prepared and informed enough to deal with information security. The study also found 70% of organizations rank their employee’s knowledge of information security as average at best. In large organizations, Deloitte report recommend the need to develop a security roadmap and the need to develop an understanding people are part of the problem. It also recommended engaging in a public private collaboration by working with policy makers and law enforcement to address information security risks.

Contador Harrison