Deceit is part of dating

Posted on June 7, 2017 12:00 am

Proliferation online platforms has promoted a change in the way dating communication with one another is done including romantic relationships. Plenty of dating websites in multiple languages and apps for mobile devices have flooded the market in recent years and changed the way most people begin romantic relationships with their significant other.Most people risk getting into a relationship with a woman they totally love by just seeing their pictures or videos online, but most of them who have absolutely no integrity. Mobile apps have served as a way for people to meet other single individuals near them. With the rise of these apps and sites, there has also been a rise in the concern of how safe they are. With incidents about victims who met their attacker online, people seem to connect this form of communication with dishonesty. And thats the true picture because one of my friends former girlfriends who was beautiful as a woman can be and according to my friend she was absolutely awesome in bed, ended up being one of the most devious and dishonest woman my friend has ever dated. The woman was later discovered to have sired two different kids with different men before she met him, she was also dating two separate men while she was dating my friend. Look, am not saying men are better either but when it comes to women, they are experts. I have watched many relationships be torn apart because of infidelity which is by product of deceit. In that particular case, it was heart wrenching to witness a beloved friend having to live his worst nightmare after he discovered his spouse has been selfish and unfaithful. It has never happened to me, but I would never wish it on anyone. I spoke to him two days ago and wanted to here his views on how he’s coping with life and the dude had no kind words for women.

One of his advise is that when the desire for sex decrease, know the cheater is already getting their pleasure outside the home. However, there is also the possibility that her interest in having sex may increase, because of feelings of guilt like was the case with her woman, who would occasionally demand high octane episodes for several days. He also told your blogger how women who are being unfaithful will often try to cover their guilt with splurges of messages and gifts. I asked if that was the case with his ex-girlfriend and answer was a firm yes. That led me to think same situation could be happening to another bloke in the neighbourhood who likes telling me about his wonderful woman as if I’ve never seen ‘better packages.’ Am not preaching sainthood like Pope Francis, but the fact is days when cheating was a secretive mission is no more. Only hypocrites believe infidelity should be regarded as a severe moral lapse rather than a standard lifestyle choice. In my view, those who are dating, if they find out their partner’s cheating, they should just accept and move on. My friend told me that finding out the person you love has betrayed you is one of the most hurtful, winding, body blows to experience. In his case, trust was shattered, his heart hurt for months and was left feeling sick. No doubt it is perfectly okay to feel really, really angry like my friend but you’ve got to move on. Lashing out your ex girlfriend is never the perfect response. There’s a period of processing that needs to happen before you even begin to consider what your next move should be. From what friends who are dating tells me including one of them who partied with his girl the other day, allocating time to ride out the emotional rollercoaster as you navigate through the challenge is important.If you need space, take it. If you want to set a time to talk in a few days or weeks when you’ve had a chance to get your head together and formulate some questions, that’s entirely your right to do so. You don’t have to talk when anyones wants to. If they respect you, they need to respect your boundaries. I feel that doing your best to look after yourself is top of the list after finding out about your partner’s betrayal. Spend time with stuff or people who lift your spirits. Bottom line is that anyone dating should accept that deceit of part of the game.

Contador Harrison