Death threats to Lidia Thorpe distasteful

Posted on January 20, 2018 12:39 am

Northcote Greens MP Lidia Alma Thorpe has received death and rape threats after she called flags to be flown at half-mast on January 26 in recognition that many Indigenous Australians regard the day the First Fleet arrived as an invasion.Thorpe said two threatening emails had been sent to her parliamentary email address and another man had delivered a graphic note under the door of her Northcote office, while shouting, “Abos must die,” and terrorising her staff.Thorpe said she would not be silent despite the threats. “I am not going to stand for this kind of behaviour and I’m not going to back down from the message that I’m trying to send out there to the people of this country,” Thorpe said.”We need to deal with the true history of this country.”This is not going to be tolerated and it’s not going to silence me. It’s going to make me more determined to put the message out there and to stand up as an Aboriginal woman.” “These are about rape, and these are quite graphic and detailed threats for me,” Thorpe said. “I’m a mum, I’ve had to ensure my children are safe. Thorpe’s message for the people who were threatening her.”It’s bullying, it’s intimidation … it’s illegal,” she said.”Take a moment to reflect on your behaviour. I’m someone’s daughter, I’m someone’s mother, I’m someone’s sister. I’m sure you have mothers, sisters and children yourself.”It’s signed off as the true Australians. Well I challenge that. I want to know what a true Australian is, because I come from the oldest living culture in the world.”The 44-year-old, Victoria’s first Aboriginal woman to take office, also a single mother has decided her daughter should not be in the family home for the next week due to safety concerns.Victoria Police said it was attempting to track down the source of the threatening emails.

Threats on Thorpe is a reminder that it is still more difficult for aboriginal community members to properly fight against historical injustices issues if women’s participation in politics and policymaking remained at the current level where in buffoons can threaten a leader elected by people to represent them in state legislature. Thorpe is an alternative voice to the marching on the streets, setting up helplines and social media campaigns which have proved to be not powerful enough to create systemic solutions to the pain and suffering the aboriginal communities in Australia face to this day. In fact, Australians need to vote and increase the level of women’s participation in politics in the coming years to address such injustices.I hereby urge Lidia Thorpe to dare to break more boundaries and speak what painful truth to crimes committed against the Aboriginals. Thorpe is an inspiring female entrepreneur and activists but we need more of her to be involved in politics to turnaround the status quo, tell as it is no matter how history deniers feels. We need more like Thorpe to fight for aboriginal’s issues in the state and federal level. Thorpe courageous move will definitely encourage other women to strive for leadership positions.First and foremost, as a woman, she tried to seize leadership opportunities and dare to run for office which thanks to Green Party led by Richard Di Natale was a successful campaign. Not only did she lead in the aboriginal affairs, but also won on the ballot after almost a century of Labor party dominance in Northcote. Going forward, it would be an incredible achievement for Thorpe to mentor younger women and girls to support and assist them in fulfilling their aspirations like she has, as well as encouraging them to dare to have bigger ambitions like her fight against crimes committed against the Aboriginal communities. Thorpe is role model for young Aboriginal girls who in the past did not dare to dream of the big things they could achieve.In fact Thorpe vowed in her acceptance speech to set an example to Aboriginal children that an Indigenous woman could become an elected representative.


Contador Harrison