Cyberspace has become a fascist state

Posted on April 27, 2013 12:07 pm

Few days ago, I shared how social media platforms have become a medium to share good and bad content depending on which school of thought a user subscribes to online like Facebook’s ordeal involving a close friend.This morning, I was appalled by the harsh exchanges between two Facebook friends who for the past one and half week, have treated us to words I cannot write here. The dirty exchanges on social media are not doubt getting out of hand. I do lose my cool at times like any other human being. As a natural rock music fan, I have listened to Appetite for Destruction which was the debut studio album by American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, released on July 21, 1987 many times. The title of the album has led me into believing that there is seriously something wrong with social media users who have mastered the art of destroying others who do not share the same opinion or ideologies.

I have noted that this is a dangerous trend and, if not properly addressed by individual countries, the cyber bullies, emboldened by the anonymous nature of the social media, would be further encouraged to intensify their attacks. I know of various people who are being vilified in cyberspace simply because they have exercised their rights of opinions on topics ranging from Gays to religion. In one case, when a Facebooker made no secret of the fact that she is a Lesbian and it’s her choice and that she genuinely believes in it, she opened a can of worms. Comment after comment described her as shame, satanic and very first class member of the devil disciples. The whole point of having social media is that the people joining the platforms are given freedom to say who they are and share their thoughts, experiences and any sane stuff.

Whether a Facebook or Twitter user chooses to reveal their sexual orientation or not, that is their fundamental right must be respected irrespective of who you are. Users like mw who are Internet savvy, more than any other category of people, should be aware that it is a given right in states where there is freedom of expression that most countries have enshrined in their constitutions. You should count yourself as world class primitive for if you one of those users who accompany harsh and vulgar comments on fellow users accounts. I could not fathom a case where a female Facebooker who was threatened with rape over her stand on an issue I would rather not discuss here. The cyberspace has no doubt become a fascist state where groups and individuals who do not share same ideals shout down and punish their opponents.

Contador Harrison