Cybersex online ratings fuels “sexual addiction”

Posted on May 26, 2014 11:43 pm

Rachael sun “She’s amazing. She gives you the ‘unforgettable’ treatment,” wrote a netizen recently on an online discussion forum. That reminded me of a 1986 song by Bon Jovi “You Give Love a bad name.” Could that be what online is all about.Apparently, the writer of the post was sharing his paid fling with “Rachael,” a sex worker employed at a massage parlor in his neighborhood, whom he summed up as a “superb girl.” Incredibly, he gave Rachael a score of nine for her skills at Man on Top and nine for Woman on Top specifically of her “brilliant moves.” He also rated some of Rachael’s other skills un-bloggable on this blog. Prostitution is famously an occupation that is considered to be the oldest profession in human history, but the phenomenon of online opinion, lurid stories, sex rating forums, is a rather more 21st century than anything else. Sex sites have become widespread, and are available to the clients of sex workers. Most sites cover both sex workers who are based indoors such as saunas, massage parlors and hotels as well as those who work on the street. Last year, I asked a friend who is addicted to skirts whether either of his girlfriends knew he does go to brothels, to which he let out a sigh of exasperation that his women don’t know although he’d often go to a commercial sex venue with his friends. In one of the UK based website, a forum addict gave a rundown of how things worked at the massage parlors he visits. There is usually a small lounge with a pool table where customers can sit and have reflexology or a massage. “But I know all to well what I go there for,” he boasted.

Another posted that customers at his hood are free to pick from a bunch of numbered keys to other rooms where a number is designated to a specific girl who keeps that same number every day.With help of his fellow members, he claimed that anyone could ask the community which number were best at different massage parlors and spas. What I learned with less than a hour I spent on the online forum sites, most posted reports for bragging rights and more practical concerns, like sexual health issues, were a low priority. That reminded me of an article I wrote in 2012 . Some online community members can see a downside to the ratings system and as I argued about social media platforms and there is no doubt in my mind that the online forums fuel “sex addiction.” What shocked me was that plenty of debaters were not worried about sexually transmitted diseases. One posted that “I’m not really afraid because I always wear a condom. In brothels, you’re always required to wear them, anyway,” so I don’t care. One female who was seeking business for summer posted how she has made sure her family would never find out she was a sex worker, and never leaves any trails of information that might identify her.I’m sure a lot of the guys have wives and probably kids, but online, skirt addicts just want to assist each other, while acknowledging none of us in this world is a saint including your blogger. Only hypocrites claim so.That is why I wrote this post.

Contador Harrison