Cyber agents in Africa plans to set up certification body

Posted on November 10, 2012 11:56 am

The continent’s cyber security agencies have finalized on plans to establish the Information Security Professional Agency to address Africa’s need for more proficient information security professionals. The association has over 29 registered members, with backgrounds in various industries and disciplines. According to an insider I spoke to, the new entity will be open to those who are working in the cyber security field, as well as university students across African thinking of joining the profession. One of the main objective of the yet to be formed association is to mentor IT security talents to fuel the cyber security industry in the continent of Africa.The cyber security agencies also plans to equip the members with the necessary professional certifications and to supplement their skills through knowledge enhancement programmes and qualifications will be based on existing ones, such as the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium Inc and Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

There has been a significant demand for cyber security professionals in Africa because the continent is fast adopting a digital lifestyle. In African countries cyber security professionals have no problems finding well paying employment due to high shortage of highly skilled workforce. Advanced plans are also underway to have accreditations based on these certifications and they hope to achieve that in four years.In my opinion, such qualifications will help local information security professionals better protect African citizens from cyber attacks that have become common in the continent.Online fraud remain the biggest challenge to authorities because tools to commit these crimes are plentifully available online for free download which is why this scourge is becoming more prevalent in the continent. The association will support the development of information security in Africa and will focus on the competency and capability development of IT professionals across the continent.There is need for continental organization fighting the cyber security threats to better understand how the skills of information security professionals can be further enhanced and the kind of threats Africa is facing in cyberspace.

Contador Harrison