Customer experience should be enhanced

Posted on October 21, 2012 09:53 pm

On various occasion,I have come across companies which offers same solutions. Some are shamelessly duplicating ideas and solutions by importing them to their countries. What lacks in such companies is the ability to set and meet customer expectations in a different way that fellow compatriots cannot and this is a powerful skill in today’s competitive world that makes the difference between successful and mediocre start ups that are based on other peoples idea.There is no doubt that offering a better and differentiated customer experience enables enterprises to capture, engage and retain as well as get new customers from different genders and age groups. For most companies, it is easier said than done because devising and delivering this is not easy and will never be easy unless the ideas and solutions are original. Companies especially in IT should be enable them to align their infrastructures with customer expectations although most of them don’t care.Immense growth in volume and types of network traffic, data and devices on the Internet has created a level of IT complexity that challenges businesses as they strive to meet soaring customer expectations. This has not been helped by outdated methods, processes and tools to manage data and Internet.

IT companies should enable enterprises to quickly translate volumes of disparate performance data into actionable insights that is delivered in unified and specific targets on users.Such solutions will definitely streamline operations and improves efficiency by offering a single source of actionable insight for performance, capacity, availability, flow and application response, and delivered through pre-defined dashboards that can be easily modified as needs change.Customers should also be able to use the solution to track, evaluate and report on key performance metrics to help ensure quality of experience and network quality of service. End to end application response time monitoring features should be able to track, measure and analyze application performance across the network infrastructure and compare the response time against intelligent baselines and thresholds and alerts on any performance deterioration.With such well planned experience,the Software Industry will earn more flowers than frowns as has been the case recently.

Contador Harrison