Creating robust Television industry

Posted on October 2, 2015 12:00 am

Creative professionals from East Africa need to create a robust television landscape in the region.In an exchange with an media expert based in Kampala Uganda, there’s need to forge stronger ties among industry professionals from the East African countries.The expert believes that encouraging networking and understanding between the countries would come in handy for the growth of the industry. They will have a better idea on how to design a product to be attractive to not just their own country but marketable to others as well. The expert also hopes for more collaborative projects in the future between say Tv stations in Tanzania with those in Uganda.“The expert felt it was something he could look into as it coincides with regional agenda to develop creative content in East Africa”.Overall, diverse Television businesses will offer and share their views on topics such as audience insights on their markets, expanding regional co-production and TV programme exchange, promoting cross border tourism in TV content and cross border drama content and in turn help the growth of Television industry that is one of the fastest growing in the region.

KTN News is the first regional 24 hours news channel in East Africa
KTN News is the first regional 24 hours news channel in East Africa

Dramas, for example, touch a lot of East Africans. It doesn’t matter whether you understand the Luganda as a Tanzanian, the audience in Dar Es Salaam or Arusha won’t mind relying on subtitles. Taking from that, East Africans want to have a session to discuss how dramas can effectively cross borders and allow their content to be enjoyed by people from different cultures.Apart from the conferences and having regular festivals to exchange views and ideas, I believe that Tv industry in the region need to include exhibitions where broadcasters can display their products to attract other industry players, screenings for agents shopping for programmes to be syndicated around the region and pitching sessions for those who wish to propose their ideas.The Tv stations are so similar in so many ways and yet so different as well that is the beauty of East African region. If they can exchange more ideas and find something in common, they’ll be able to be more successful and reach more people.

Contador Harrison