Craig McLachlan downfall is inevitable

Posted on January 9, 2018 12:45 am

Actor Craig Dougall McLachlan accused of indecent assault and sexual harassment, is facing a shameful downfall from one of the most loved actors in Australia to another Kevin Space or Harvey Weinstein of this world, if the allegations are proved to be true. The claims have been made by three actresses, Angela Scundi, Erika Heynatz,Christie Whelan Browne all who played roles in musical Rocky Horror Show but 52 years old Craig McLachlan has strenuously denied all the allegations and questioned complainants’ motives. A lawyer based in Hobart Tasmania last month defined for your blogger ‘Sexual assault’ as coercive sexual intercourse perpetrated by someone known to the victim, such as Craig McLachlan was known to those women. The coercion mostly involves a person who does not freely agree to sex and has not given active or verbal consent. It is a crime that covers a wide range of unwanted sexual behaviours that are often used by offenders as a way to assert power and control over their victims.Women who have suffered from sexual violence range from people groping them and making unwanted sexual advances toward them to husbands forcing their spouses to have intercourse and for single or unmarried women, sexual abuse takes the form of groping, getting obscene messages, receiving pornographic pictures or videos and being forced to have intercourse.The Lawyer said that there are several myths around what constitutes sexual assault but those assaulted experience a range of emotions which helps explain why joint Fairfax and Australian Broadcasting Corporation investigation unearthed that three women from the Rocky Horror Show production were taken advantage by the actor on his role as Dr Frank-N-Furter to indecently assault, intimidate and harass them, both on and off stage.What is clear is the assaults were either forced, unwanted sex or sexual acts or indecent behaviour before, during or after an assault.

Two of the women said they complained to senior Rocky Horror Show production staff at the time but said nothing was done.One of their claims include that Craig McLachlan pulled a cast member’s underpants aside and kissed her hindquarters during a performance. Craig McLachlan is also accused of reaching up an actress’s skirt while she was on stage and Craig McLachlan was backstage. The women allege Craig McLachlan also bullied and intimidated some cast members.Another one reveal that Craig McLachlan exposed himself to another actress and kissed a third woman without her permission. My million dollar question is why did Craig McLachlan do all that?Your blogger’s view is that sexual assault isn’t always about offenders getting pleasure from sex. In this case, it could have been about Craig McLachlan enjoying asserting power and control over other actors. In some cases, offenders like Craig McLachlan could have been abused themselves in the past, but this isn’t always the case and he has never come out with such information. Sexual assault is a serious crime and is never the fault of the victim and thats why Melbourne’s Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team have confirmed an investigation into allegations that Craig McLachlan committed multiple sexual offences while performing in the Rocky Horror Show in 2014.As the lawyer noted, sexual assault is a deeply entrenched social problem in Australia that has huge long-term impacts on the victims. Over the years, researchers have consistently linked sexual violence to continued gender inequality. Providing effective legal responses like the women have hired a lawyer to request an investigation into their claims, and two of the women have made separate reports about Craig McLachlan’s alleged behaviour to the Victorian Police, is important but only addresses part of the problem. Above all then, Australians need to critically question their own beliefs and values about sex violence, if we are to create a society free of rapists.

Contador Harrison