Cory Bernardi playlist is a disgrace

Posted on January 18, 2018 12:32 am

Cory Bernardi as an Australian Senator representing the state of South Australia, has proved to be a divisive character over the years but nothing comes close to his latest idiotic stunt. When i saw that the Australian Conservatives has unveiled a rival Hottest 100 playlist ahead of Triple J’s highly-anticipated countdown, the rubbish strewn party says it issued its own Australia Day playlist because the ABC has “abandoned our national day for political correctness”.Bloody hell! Which national day? Celebrating rape? Celebrating torture? Celebrating deaths? Celebrating sorrow? Celebrating genocide? The announcement read: “Cory Bernardi launches the #AC100, an alternative to Triple J’s ‘Hottest 100’ after they abandoned Australia Day.” “As taxpayer-funded triple j and their ‘Hottest 100’ abandon our national day for political correctness, we’re inviting you to cast your vote by telling us your favourite 3 tracks from our #AC100 playlist.” Cory Bernadi top 10 songs are Down Under by Men At Work, Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel, You’re The Voice by John Farnham, Great Southern Land by Icehouse, I Still Call Australia Home by Peter Allen, I Am Australian by Judith Durham, Russell Hitchcock & M Yunupingu, Solid Rock by Goanna, A Pub With No Beer by Slim Dusty, The Boys Light Up by Australian Crawl and C’mon Aussie C’mon by Let The Music Play. No doubt Cory Bernadi has a right to ask people to vote in what he has termed an “alternate Hottest 100” but doing so where most of us acknowledge the despicable and shameful history of racism in Australia, including genocidal violence directed against the aboriginal communities, it seems with buffoons like Cory Bernadi those dark days are still with us. It’s not hard for your blogger to say what exactly it takes to be a racist especially in the case of Cory Bernadi. It’s very easy to recognize racists like him, that’s why his stunts is so shocking. For an Australian senator to believes that members of aboriginal communities are less intelligent, that they don’t know their history, than members of his own racial group, is pure racism.How can such a high profile creature deny Australia’s well documented practice of genocide and crimes against humanity where past government policies removed thousands of Aboriginal children from their families?

Cory Bernadi should be at the forefront of publicly supporting what the majority of Australians want and that is to not celebrate one of the grimmest chapters in Australian history. More than 100,000 Aboriginal children were taken from their parents and put in white foster homes and many never saw their parents again. Is that worth creating a nationalistic list of singers to appease white supremacists, who are a just handful of thugs, criminals and harebrained types?The “Stolen Generation” is a fact and no matter how Cory Bernadi think, Aboriginal communities are still in tears and the heart-rending stories of being taken by police and officials from their outback communities, mothers wailing day and night, their years of emotional, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of white criminals and foster parents who were stupidly expected to deliver them a better future is still fresh in our memories including your blogger.For nearly two centuries, Australia pursued deliberate policies of extermination against the native people that have left scars visible to this day. To hear a national figure create a different narrative makes me nauseous.Does Cory Bernadi think we don’t know policies were conducted on the basis of a belief in white superiority and that the Aboriginal race would eventually die out? Whether Cory Bernadi likes it or not, the Aboriginal identity, cultural revival and political activism is getting stronger and i believe in my generation we shall get justice.Australian practice of indigenous child removal which were systematic racial discrimination and genocide is defined by international law and not some Federal or state laws. It pains to the core that policy involved genocide aimed to assimilate black children into the non-indigenous community so that their unique cultural values and identities would disappear and be replaced by invaders cultural models. Thank oracles, that never happened and will never ever.Australia Day playlist is a clear ignorance about the past, and the history behind the stolen generation and instead Cory Bernadi should join those seeking to assist those people who’ve not been able to find their families, who are completely lost and can’t move forward.

Contador Harrison