Contador Harrison:Dogs are “simple, appetite-driven creatures you can read like a book”

Posted on July 12, 2014 05:31 am

Dogs in Africa can be multilingual, an animal expert recently tried to justify his claims to me as we downed mugs of cappuccino. He reads my blogs and knows me as a dog fanatic. To him, Poodles speak French, and chihuahuas understand Spanish, but dogs in Africa, such as her own, are multilingual and can speak Luganda, Lunyankole and surprisingly Swahili. “I speak to them in Luganda and Lunyankole while the house staff address them in assorted tongues ranging from Swahili to Lusoga,” said the animal lover who runs the Kampala-based Animals welfare organisation. “They respond to all of us with equal ease.” I don’t know. My neighbor has trouble communicating with his dog, an uppity mongrel given to cryptic asides. When watching animal documentaries on TV, Contador Harrison has noticed that the East Africans have a very reserved attitude to animals, probably not unrelated to the fact they are imagining what they taste like. Pork, beef are the most popular meaty proteins in Uganda and the wider East African regions thanks to the pastoralist communities like Ankole in western Uganda, the Maasai in southern Kenya, wa-arusha in northern Tanzania among others.

Human animal communications are on many people’s mind but few care to explore.

Mentioning about human-animal communication as a science that has not been researched well enough caused an uproar from a friend who thought I was going too far with what he has dubbed as ‘humanoid thinking.’Researchers in Africa and other places have been reading the English translations of modern western novels out loud to a group of captive birds.One of them is a Ugandan ornithology who has taught me so much about birds.For those unaware, Uganda is home to 52% of all bird species found in Africa and 11% of all bird species found in the world. By associating the books with various snack options, ornithologist concluded that birds can tell Luganda from English. Not sure how impressive that is, since even a tween can do the same, as long as you don’t ask them after dinner, when they quiescence. The report did not say which Ugandan languages translation the birds favored, but Contador Harrison can presumably look up their reviews soon. Many humans talk to their pets daily. However disgusting it may sound to those who know me, dog wanders in and out of rooms in my house all day and since I stay alone, there are no mutterings.Sounds cool to me.Cooler than Posner!

Contador Harrison