Contador Harrison New Year’s day food Galore

Posted on January 2, 2014 12:05 am

Matariki commonly known as the New Year’s Day in English language is the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It mostly a public holiday in many parts of the world and conservative people like me spend the day quietly in the company of books, friends or family while others start New Year’s Day at midnight while celebrating with booze, dancing and all manners of having fun. In both developing and developed world public and private fireworks displays are common. In Australia, people drink champagne, sparkling white wine or hot wine while heavy topers ensures fermented sugar crates are emptied both in supermarkets and bars. Old schooled blokes like me generally spend the day quietly and that was the case yesterday. Public life was generally quiet with banks, post offices, shopping stores and plenty of businesses closed with exception of drinking joints, police stations and supermarkets. Outside of tourist areas, restaurants and cafes were closed. Notably, the public transport service schedules varied depending on where one lives and intends to travel but luckily private ride was my mode of movement while I was shopping for what to cook in my private crib.I have loved Kai (maori traditional food) since I was young. I did not have to acquire a taste for it at all. The first time I had it, I was hooked and my mom loved cooking it for us.  Childhood is when I developed my life long affair with traditional Maori potatoes that we call taewa tutaekuri and Rewena pararoa which is Maori bread made from potatoes.

So I took the initiative of cooking both yesterday and it was delicious and it left a colleague yearning for more. Taewa tutaekuri are fantastic food and contains a surprisingly good amount of nutrients which most people have deficient of. I decided to try oysters and precisely small oysters during dinner that are easiest to shuck and have the intense flavor that was compounded with a sweet taste, and a lingering after taste. Something excited me and my blud who works for McKinsey global, a research, a consultant when we read the menu there was carpaccio, oysters and foie gras and we ended up choosing something different. We were glad that we could get two out of three of our favorite foods. In fact, last evening was oysters special offer day and they offered fresh oysters flown in from Zanzibar, a Tanzanian island off the coast of East Africa. I ate roxas oysters since they are I traditionally believe they are tasty and awesome. The oysters in that hotel were all imported from Zanzibar. They can serve it raw with choices of cocktail sauce and slice of lemon wedge and for the case of my McKinsey blud red wine vinegar and a dash of Tabasco but for the chef baked mine while and my buddy was grilled as we had wanted them to and we both went for the option of baked cheese and spinach. I cant take and have never had raw oysters but there was an idiot who seems to be ignorant of the dangers of raw oyster or he simply doesn’t know about foodborne illnesses and was feasting on fresh and raw oysters. Eish!I did not envy him at all but overall our New Years day ended on high with my blud. Hope you enjoyed as well.

Contador Harrison