Melbourne: The greatest city in Australia

Posted on November 17, 2012 03:31 pm

Two weeks ago, I posted a comment on my Adelaide based friend Ms.Susan Clohesy Facebook wall on why Adelaide is not the greatest city in Australia.Those comments have since turned me into a villain of sort for non-Melbourne friends who keenly follows my posts and comments on Facebook. As result, I would like to share genuine reasons why no other Australian city can match Melbourne greatness. To start with, I am very bi-partisan in nature and even if I was born in Melbourne nearly three decades ago, the endearing city, I know it has its lows as well.  Ma hometown is the greatest city in Oz because of its complexity and straightforward and the ever-unpredictable weather. Few people can fail to appreciate the way Melbourne population get involved in whatever is on offer. On average most of the times theaters are always fully packed, huge number of visitors in gardens are next to none compared to other cities, cafes are populated and just like in my school days, city libraries are crowded with students.

Melbourne is the only city in Australia where one has the capacity to enjoy the city despite the weather conditions and that’s why when am at home cycling is the easiest way for me to roam around. It is the only city I know I can enjoy a barbecue along the river, go shopping in quirky shops and enjoy great coffee that could be an envy of my Finn friends led by my boss Mr.Heikki Makila, a heavy coffee drinker. I’ve lived in cities big and small in Africa, Europe and America but there are concrete reasons why Melbourne is where I can say is the greatest city of them all. Perhaps it’s a bit premature to say so since I’ve not lived in even half of the so called “world great cities” but from my list it’s the best and not even San Francisco comes close.

There is no doubt that Melbourne has problems of its own like distinct, interesting suburbs unlike those identical ones whose architecture one may think was designed by same person. I have been to London and Paris where quirky cafes and outdated leisure joints like pubs that are rare in Melbourne with exception of Fitzroy.  The leafy suburbs of Toorak or the awesome beaches of St Kilda are an envy of any traveler in this world. Unlike most cities, inner-city areas of Melbourne have traditionally been diverse as our population for ages.Talk of personality and Melbourne has plenty of it. There’s no better way to describe it and I believe I have moral authority to do so because am a native.

I have plenty of Sydneysiders and Brisbaneites but they all agree Melbourne is the favourite city to visit, for a host of reasons that are so unique in a way no city can step up to our game. To some of them who have been to European cities, think Melbourne add a distinctly European flavor,a sentiment I share with having been to more than 15 cities across Europe. Melbourne is a city of ever-changing reflections, colours and patterns, not to mention the weather. It’s an entertaining, rich, diverse and vibrant city that many cities can only sit and look with envy.I ask anyone to show me which city in Australia has city streets of Melbourne standards where wide tree like lined boulevards makes them lovely and classy irrespective of weather conditions which is not found in most other Australian cities.Having traveled to America, Africa and Europe I know what football means to people living in urban areas. Melbourne is the home of Australian Football and the bedrock of diehard lovers of the game. Take it from me or ask anyone who knows our football, footy just is not the same when played in one team city like Brisbane. No pun intended to Brisbaneites!

The lovely and magnificent Melbourne is the spiritual home and the place where footy in Oz is at its most vibrant. Melbourne clubs are traditionally well known for pace, skill, athleticism and unrivaled great physical contests, high-flying marking. We Melbournians have nothing to prove to the world and no matter what your opinion is, our great city stand alone in many aspects from management and exceptional dignity. Surveys over the years have shown we are the most gracious, humanitarian and passionate with the strongest sense of unlimited confidence and individuality. Melbourne is the most European city in Australia because no one minds irrespective of who you are. In Africa for example, it is common for people to ask; where do you come from, why are u here and for me its even worse because am black. Countless and irrelevant questions arise whenever you meet a new people. It’s a continent where people mind other peoples’ business. Not in Melbourne folks!

Melbourne also has a reputation of constantly unveiling mystery and beauty, which I have never seen elsewhere in my travels. If you want to know how I spend some of my time while in Melbourne, most of the late afternoons you can find me on St Kilda beach watching the sunset or Park Road and Smith Street for unreal shopping. At times, I do attend Melbourne Comedy Festival and no way to forget the legendary Queen Victoria Markets where you can find this bachelor browsing the wide variety of clothes, food, shoes and people! We locals love the city and anyone enjoys whether your rich or poor there is no difference. I know for a fact that Adelaide is the most diverse city in Australia and the best example of how multiculturalism can work but Melbourne is a glorious city where everyone is included and welcomed. That and many other reasons make me feel that Melbourne is the best, the greatest and most lovely city in the world. For those who don’t know, Collingwood is my neighborhood.

Contador Harrison