Contador Harrison believes Dogs are smarter than humans

Posted on July 1, 2014 03:11 pm

I’ve always told my close friends and family members especially my sister that they can live a happier and stress free life with dogs. Close female friends scolds me for choosing dogs over a human being but it has totally worked for me since my teenage. I just had to choose the moment I started thinking really carefully about the life I wanted to live and have no regrets prioritising dogs at the expense of humans. Contador Harrison thinking is that the difference between human abilities and those of lesser creatures fascinates him. Which is why I wasn’t gobsmacked when a close friend forwarded me a research he was invoked in and to be made public soon that dogs’ high intelligence indicates they “should be seen as super human ”. If the definition of being a person is linked to intelligence, one-quarters of the people on my phone book and mail box would rate a classification roughly level with warm legged egg laying vertebrates characterised by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings. These folk carry electronic devices that can instantly access humanity’s greatest works, but use them solely for screen-pecking games so repetitive they would bore a moderately bright patch of toe-fungus to tears.Am one of those who are absolutely delighted when I see international campaigns calling for humans and animals to be treated equally.

Humans also come in a wide range of intelligence levels, as was made clear by a story of Google’s robots. A motorist was arrested recently for being drunk in charge of a vehicle, in Melbourne, state of Victoria. The arrested man said drunkenness was not normally funny, but that made her laugh. The nicked tale reminded me of the first time I heard the song about the old woman who swallowed a fly and then swallowed a spider to catch the fly and ultimately a bird, cat, dog, and cow. I was only five but already had a skeptic’s need for proof. “You got proof?” I asked the kindie teacher whose name was Mrs Shane.I vividly recall how she shifted nervously in her seat, and I’ve been suspicious of any teacher ever since.That dates back to late 1980s. In Africa, animal arrests are common site. For example, those who have had a chance to travel through Kampala – Entebbe highway can agree with me its usual to find several cows sunbathing between Najjanakumbi and Zzana. Those who have used Tanga – Chalinze road would agree with me that goats and sheep are some of the dangers posed to motorist in one of the busiest roads in Tanzania. The permissiveness of East African societies is one of the rarest in developing world. Daisy Buruku, a rotarian in Kampala west district last year told me that Animals and humans should be treated the same. Although I struggle to explain to my friends about my dog obsession, I have terribly failed to change their mindset on pets. In the end, I just let them be who they are and think of what they want about me and my dogs, which seemed to work just as well.

Contador Harrison