Commemorating 20 years of Michael Learns To Rock’s “Someday”

Posted on August 5, 2015 11:31 pm

“Someday” by Michael Learns To Rock happens to be one of my greatest ever songs.Outside Rock Music, Contador Harrison is a fan of mellow pop songs with very romantic lyrics and no doubt Michael Learns To Rock has been offering that since August 1995(exactly 20 years ago) while I was still a tween when they released “Someday.” The Danish band also happens to be one my favorite pop rock band of all time.From what I have read in music journals and books about history of European Music bands,since Michael Learns To Rock members appeared on the music scene led by Kare Wanscher -drums and percussion, Jascha Richter -keyboards and vocals, Mikkel Lentz -guitar, keyboards and co-producer and Soren Madsen, they have sold more than eight million copies of their four albums and two compilations and can confidently say am one of them.Not only are Michael Learns To Rock huge in Denmark and all over Europe, but also in Contador Harrison’s heart.It was heartbreaking to see Soren Madsen leave the band but overall that has not hampered the rest of the group from recording.The name “Michael Learns To Rock” was based on the trend of band names in the 80s and connected to Michael Jackson, the late king of pop.

When Michael Learns To Rock started in 1988, bands like Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Johnny Hates Jazz were very popular because they were cool names. And the Danish team combined with Michael Jackson, because he was the king of pop, so they made a band called Michael Learns to Rock. One of the earliest international hit singles from the band was “The Actor”, released in 1992. This single did well in Europe but did not succeed globally.Nevertheless, “The Actor” is still played frequently on the radio, music stations and in malls in and around even today.The Danish band really hit the international music scene 12 months later with their second album, Colours, which features eternal and timeless songs like “Sleeping Child”, “25 Minutes” and “Out Of The Blue”.The album sold over one million copies worldwide and like “The Actor”, the singles on this album have also managed to entrance generations of listeners and are still frequently played today.The Danish band feels that the reason their songs were so timeless was the fact that they would always remain relevant to everyone regardless of musical taste, race, ethnicity or religion. Anyone who has been heartbroken by his girlfriend or wife because of a lack of self confidence can always relate to “The Actor” or someone who has a newborn baby can always relate to “Sleeping Child”.

Those in love can always relate to “Out Of The Blue” and the list goes on and on.However, it was exactly 20 years ago this month when Michael Learns To Rock released the song “Someday” that happens to be Contador Harrison’s favorite of mine and all time classic track.One of the reason I’ve traditionally admired the Danish band is that it doesn’t belong to any genre and is most ideal classic pop band.I feel they are timeless and its what actually makes Michael Learns To Rock stand out as one of the greatest 1990s bands in Europe.The band is also old fashioned in the way they produce music that never change. They do not try a new sound or whatever.Neither have they imitated any other band.They never change good melodies and that’s the reason “Someday” is one the best songs I’ve ever listened to.The commitment to working hard to make good music,is something that is missing from current international music scene and that is why bands or singers who are capable of making timeless songs have become so rare.Success of Michael Learns to Rock is a very great thing and the band seems to have earned the right to success.In an era where a lot of people sing the same just to get famous and with lots of artists and singers being amateurish,what we lack is great people who can write beautiful songs like “Someday” has been. It’s too much business and too little music nowadays.Indeed I deserve to commemorate 20years of “Someday”as one of my best songs ever.Watch the video below!

Contador Harrison