CCM nominates five Presidential candidates

Posted on July 11, 2015 09:28 am

After leading a more than eight-hour meeting with dozens of key party members,Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete has tweeted on his official Twitter page that Chama Cha Mapinduzi(CCM) has narrowed down to five Presidential nominees namely Bernard Membe, John Magufuli, Asha Rose Migiro, Januari Makamba and Amina Ali among them whom one will be announced as Presidential candidate to face off with opposition come October 25 Tanzania general election. The CCM publicity and head of ideology Nnape Nauye was left to deal with a score of reporters who were curious about the meeting’s results last night but officially the names are expected to be announced around 10am East African Time.The meeting in Dodoma was deemed crucial as it sent a signal to the public that the party was preparing to officially endorse its candidate for the presidential election with election campaign expected to start next month.

Present Jakaya Kikwete tweet this morning.
Screen shot of Present Jakaya Kikwete tweet this morning announcing five nominees in CCM presidential flag bearer race

Symbolic gestures of preference and expressions of subservience during the meeting reception are probably more representative of the mood within the party.Edward Lowassa political career seems to have been brought to a juddering halt and he will now head to political oblivion as the next Presidential nomination will come at at time when his age will be on the wrong side of the history. Lowassa has been ranked in many surveys as the most popular candidate for the CCM presidential nomination election. Still, CCM elites have so far remained silent about its official presidential nominee, sparking speculation that Central Executive Committee was considering a neutral candidate but that has now been laid to rest with President Kikwete tweet.With only three months to go until the presidential election, the CCM’s wait-and-see strategy had failed to satisfy many of the party’s supporters, particularly those who like the idea of Lowassa becoming the party’s presidential candidate. These supporters, for example, have independently launched a number of pro-Lowassa groups during the past couple of months, in the hope of putting pressure on the party’s central committee to announce Lowassa nomination.More to follow as your blogger gets more from Tanzanian capital Dodoma.

Contador Harrison