Cathy McGowan should mind her own business

Posted on February 8, 2018 12:52 am

Victorian independent Federal MP Cathy McGowan suggestion that a law is needed to ban sex between politicians and their staff is rudimentary idea. At her age, Cathy McGowan knows very well that more than half of married Australian men have had extramarital affairs at least twice in their lives and Barnaby Joyce is no exception. It is a fact that since the hey days of Kings Cross, one of Sydney’s most legendary red light district of 1980s to 1990s, buying sex has never been considered as cheating land down under. Of cause McGowan has a right to begin the conversation about the subject and can table a motion in Parliament if she wishes but the truth is, Barnaby Joyce should not be used as an example of men’s with extra appetite for skirties. When I saw the story on Nine Networks, what came into my mind first was what business does McGowan has interfering into Barnaby Joyce’s personal life. Its foolhardy for her to dwell on what happens between consenting adults, plain stupid.Studies have shown that more than half the workforce will have at least one office fling in their working life.Many work romances blossom into serious relationships even marriages and Barnaby Joyce is a bloke entitled to such. Thats why I couldnt see sense in The Daily Telegraph publishing an article with a photo of Barnaby Joyce’s new partner, his former press secretary, who is pregnant. Barnaby Joyce’s has a right to chose who his female partner would be, is entitled to personal privacy, and although i have sympathies for the wife who released a statement expressing her family’s devastation on receiving news about his new relationship, there is no need for Cathy McGowan to demonize Barnaby Joyce.

While Cathy McGowan may grumble at the prospect of drafting more rigid restrictions to prevent conflicts of interest born of office romances, the plans are buffoonery. In the congested cities like Sydney and Melbourne, for instance, singles like Vikki Campion would like to have more options in the search for the perfect match, but time is limited. Some have been lucky to find love online from social media exchanges or the increasing number of digital dating services, while others who have found their match in the office like Barnaby Joyce has had to decide on which partner should be. No wonder her suggestions received lukewarm reception from across political divide in Canberra on Thursday, with parliamentarians saying it would be extremely intrusive and impossible to enforce.Cathy McGowan said the public believed the political system was “behind community expectations and corporate practice” and added that “The Parliament is a place of work and good workplace practice includes clear expectations about behaviour.” I was amazed at how the story of an office affair can be Victorian parliamentarian business.It’s not a fabulous story opportunity that need to be told over and over, get stuffed Cathy McGowan, leave people’s sexual affairs alone. My wish is that Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion will be lucky and have a fairytale ending in their romantic relationship, but that’s will just the beginning of their story. Their office flirtation may be hard to manage now that she is expecting a baby, but after the wedding bells toll, well, that’s gonna be another story. In the end, they both need to be realistic about their expectations when as they enter into an official romance. They should stay cool and professional, and not let it affect their work. In my view taking things slowly and being aware of the potential consequences of their relationship not just for themselves, but also for others at work and the mother of Barnaby Joyce’s children.

Contador Harrison