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Surveillance economy in Africa

Posted On August 16, 2017 Contador Harrison

Known as ‘surveillance economy’, it is basically about surveillance and the economy it generates, how much of our day to day life is under some kind of surveillance where data is collected, companies or organizations that gets it, how they used it and profit from it.I am one of...Read More

Jobs that will be replaced by technology

Posted On August 15, 2017 Contador Harrison

As universities continue to graduate increasing numbers of students, there are many obvious question on where will these new graduates work in the future. I had a convo with a friend two days ago and it was all about artificial intelligence and its impact. One which we picked out...Read More

Optometrist advise on how smartphones damage our eyes

Posted On August 14, 2017 Contador Harrison

According to optometrist who happens to be a close friend, people who use smart phones and tablets are at risk of potential irreversible eye damage because of blue light emissions from digital devices.Over dependence on smartphones has its disadvantages, especially when it comes to the health of your eyes. These...Read More

The future of African schools is ‘smart classroom’

Posted On August 13, 2017 Contador Harrison

Several African countries like South Africa, Mauritius and Kenya have unveiled a glimpse of the classrooms of the future, where beanbags and touch screens will replace desks and whiteboards. In South Africa, the new technology is being tested before it is rolled out to classrooms over the next decade.The...Read More

Rwanda’s digital economy

Posted On August 12, 2017 Contador Harrison

In recent years, the Rwandan government launched the vision 2020 digital economy campaign to boost the country’s digital economy. Among key targets are helping farmers and fishermen to go digital, creating local tech startups valued at a total of US $100 million, and becoming the largest digital economy in...Read More

Kenya’s ecommerce trends in 2017

Posted On August 11, 2017 Contador Harrison

As online spending continues to soar, the ever-changing market makes it important for ecommerce companies in Kenya to adapt, anticipate trends and innovate to maintain and grow their customer base. Kenya’s online stores offer a greater variety and range of inventory. With the increasing trend towards drop shipping, there...Read More

Uganda e-commerce market

Posted On August 10, 2017 Contador Harrison

Ecommerce trends in Uganda are showing huge opportunities for small businesses as the focus moves towards smaller, niche driven sites instead of large department stores that sell everything. A study designed to help retailers devise successful online retail strategies and identify market investment opportunities in Uganda while understanding the...Read More

Zephyrus GX501 review

Posted On August 09, 2017 Contador Harrison

Yesterday I had an opportunity to finally have a chance to use Republic Of Gamers Zephyrus GX501, the slimmest gaming laptop i have ever seen. Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 is stunningly thin for a gaming notebook, it’s slimmer than most traditional laptops i have come across. I can say...Read More

Machine learning will benefit Africa

Posted On August 08, 2017 Contador Harrison

African start up will benefit from machine learning going forward according to the latest research on the continent’s status in the field of machine learning, a branch of computer science that develops algorithms to help us make sense of data. Increasingly, these algorithms are finding applications in systems that...Read More

Social media benefits in Africa

Posted On August 07, 2017 Contador Harrison

Before social media, state controlled media was the main medium of consuming information in Africa. With exception of countries like Kenya, South Africa and Ghana, almost all other countries consumed what government wanted them to. But since social media era began in Africa, it has provided young people with...Read More