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Staying in abusive relationship isn’t worth it

Posted On June 26, 2017 Contador Harrison

Yesterday I shared a story of a woman who lived a life one can only describe as hellish. That made a reader of this blog to write to me asking if she could share her story and advise.The 30 year old lady currently living in Collingwood, Melbourne lived her...Read More

When to end the love relationship

Posted On June 25, 2017 Contador Harrison

I’m not an expert in love relationships but that doesn’t mean I’ve no clue on what works and doesn’t. Yesterday I shared a story of a 21 year old girl from the neighbourhood nursing injuries sustained thanks to a love relationship.Despite the horrific injuries he inflicted on her, and...Read More

The Joy of Being a Woman by Ingrid Trobisch

Posted On June 24, 2017 Contador Harrison

I’m not religious myself but have no problem reading religion inspired books like this guidebook for every Christian woman to her own body written by a typical 20th century feminist, Ingrid Trobisch. Its a book about how self acceptance negates obsession with securing approval from others or your judge...Read More

Story of a girl battered by boyfriend

Posted On June 24, 2017 Contador Harrison

Its summer season and mood of what to write has shifted a little bit to stories I’ve come across recently. Today, I share a story of a 21 years old girl who is a daughter to a close friend bashed almost to death by her boyfriend three weeks ago....Read More

Heartbreaking story of a girl who quit drugs

Posted On June 23, 2017 Contador Harrison

I was on a skiing trip in the alps when I started experiencing what I guessed were the telltale signs of sexually transmitted disease. Walking in glacier I became distinctly aware of an uncomfortable flu and diarrhoea. I was also having trouble going to the lavatories. And I was...Read More

The joy of being a single man

Posted On June 22, 2017 Contador Harrison

Being a single man is one of the finest achievement in life. Presently I’m happy to be single, although like most people I would not shed tears for being a great relationship because the mention of just the word marriage makes me chunder. What I have come to realise...Read More

Hugging and kissing matters in a relationship

Posted On June 21, 2017 Contador Harrison

I was having a chat with an individual who doesn’t understand why he’s never seen me hugging anyone and feels that i should start doing so. It started as an idle discussion only to end up being deep conversation on how often should someone hug and those lucky kiss....Read More

Asexual life is awesome

Posted On June 20, 2017 Contador Harrison

When a friend of mine who like being nosy asked me why i don’t have a partner, I responded to him saying am asexual and contented with it. Being the character he is, the reply wasn’t satisfying enough and demanded to understand clearly what I meant and was blunt...Read More

Roxy Jacenko has taken PR to new heights

Posted On June 19, 2017 Contador Harrison

Roxy Jacenko, a woman who can barely be out of headlines for a week, has taken public relations to unprecedented levels. I’m one of those who admires her acumen in business and undoubtedly her business success is worth admiration. Public relations is a vital component of any brand’s marketing...Read More

Relationships are beyond glitter

Posted On June 18, 2017 Contador Harrison

Most of us know that new relationships are full of excitement and glitter. But as they say, not everything that glitters is gold. Everything either of the partner does is endearing to the other, each want to share every waking moment and as I’ve seen with love birds in...Read More