Cancer cases in Africa

Posted on July 8, 2017 04:00 am

In the past, African countries had very low cases of cancer that were reported. Some argued was because there were no advanced medical facilities hence the low number while others believe change of lifestyles in the continent has contributed to increasing cases of cancer. A cancer researcher working in Africa defined for me cancer as a diverse group of several hundred diseases in which some of the body’s cells become abnormal and begin to multiply out of control. According to her, the abnormal cells can invade and damage the tissue around them, and spread to other parts of the body, causing further damage and eventually death.There’s abundant advice out there on what you should or shouldn’t drink, eat, swallow, or stand next to, to avoid cancer. However it’s often lacking in evidence and the jumble of messages can be confusing.This body map brings together the evidence on proven cancer causes. Using credible, scientific sources it answers questions about whether alcohol, red meat or sun exposure increase your cancer risk.She added that cancer occurs when mutations in a cell’s DNA cause it to replicate without control, invading other tissues. Some cancer-causing mutations can be inherited while others induced, by infection with bacteria or viruses; or by environmental factors such as smoking, sun exposure and eating red meat. They are considered modifiable because avoiding them lessens your chance of cancer. Cancer is a leading cause of death in Africa, it is estimated that over 1,200,000 Africans will be diagnosed cancer in 2017 alone. Yet the cancer researchers in Africa estimates at least one third of all cancer cases are preventable.

They also estimate that more than half of all cancers could be prevented through a combination of healthy lifestyle and regular screening.African countries like Kenya, South Africa have become the cancer epidemic and experts say such countries must beat the obesity bulge to tackle the deadly disease.South Africa has the highest rate of melanoma and prostate cancer in Africa and the highest breast cancer rates. The researcher told your blogger that factor behind the startling finding was the rainbow nation’s growing waistline.South Africa has an obesity epidemic and that is definitely linked to breast cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.She think South Africans are incredibly ignorant to the entire problem.In Kenya, it has done well with smoking and skin cancer, but the next big problem facing the East African country is obesity.The researcher says one third of cancer deaths in Africa are caused by preventable risk factors.She advises the key steps to lower cancer risk are among others limiting alcohol intake, quit smoking, maintain a healthy weight, exercise, eat for health and also taking cancer screening programs.There are a few possible reasons that is affecting the continent. One is that African countries have an otherwise healthy population where people now live to an age where you are more likely to get cancer. Most African countries have a huge growing population of elderly folks as she has noted in her work.Screening programs and early intervention push up the incidence and because African countries have facilities that are detecting it earlier which makes it looks like the cancer rates are going up. These, she argues are not bad reasons for having a high incidence.

Contador Harrison