Brendon Leigh wins F1 eSports World Championship

Posted on November 25, 2017 06:07 pm

Brendon Leigh, a British F1 eSports player has won the first F1 eSports World Champion after a scintillating finale in Abu Dhabi. The 18-year-old kitchen manager from Reading, who had never before left Britain or attended a Formula One race, collected a total of 74 points to come out on top of the 20 finalists competing at the finals inside the F1 paddock.Leigh won the first edition of the F1 eSports Series this evening after passing in the last lap of the last race. He overcame 20 of the world’s fastest virtual drivers competing over three Grands Prix in Abu Dhabi, Belgium and at Yas Marina. As your blogger watched the race, there was no doubt it was a thriller worth all the time. Race one yesterday was a battle in Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Montreal, Leigh won from pole, ahead of Sven Zurner, who tried to overtake him in the pin, without success. Denmark’s Frederik Rasmussen finished third ahead of Fabrizio Donoso, with the Chilean being one of three South American representatives in the final of the weekend. The second race was Spa-Francorchamps where Turkey’s Cem Bolukbasi dominated the race and won with three seconds ahead of Donoso, who had passed after the salvo of pit stops. Allert Vanderwal finished in third place ahead of Zurner, who took the lead of the championship, tied with Donoso. Brendon Leigh, who started from a distant fifteenth position, finished eighth, and was third in the standings, one behind the leading pair. Then third race was Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Leigh started in second place but took a perfect flight to grab the head of the event, in front of poleman Donoso. Sven Zurner then somehow managed to enter third place, and the three contenders for the title could then get into the fight. In the race, Donoso was the first to rush into the pitlane, a lap before his two opponents, engaged in a virile fight on the track. At this point I felt the strategy of the Chilean driver was perfect, since he took the lead of the race once all the stops made.

The task of the Mercedes driver seemed to be facilitated by a contact between Leigh and Zurner, leaving the Briton at almost two seconds with two and a half laps to go. But the Toro Rosso was coming back very quickly in the mirrors of the silver arrow, diving inside in the last lap.Leigh will have the opportunity to be one of the non-playable characters of the upcoming F1 2018 game, and he also wins two VIP spots for one of the Formula 1 2018 season Grand Prix, as well as several thousand euros to spend during a weekend that will be very special.Brendon Leigh was one of the more than 63,000 hopefuls worldwide had entered the competition back in September by competing on PlayStation4, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms.The eSports Series is a partnership with Formula One, game developer Codemasters and eSports events and competitions company Gfinity. With the international profile of the sport, Brendon Leigh as the first eSports championship will undoubtedly have a place in history. As part of the grand prize the winner, he will be immortalized as a non-driver character in the F1 2018 game.Among the prizes Leigh has won includes 2 x F1 Paddock passes, 2 x Formula One Paddock Club tickets, 2 x Business Class flights, hotel accommodation for 2 based on sharing/twin occupancy as well as transfers between the hotel and the circuit and US $2,000 or equivalent spending money. “Winning here means a huge amount to me. I am the first one to do it. That is special,” Leigh said after the race. “I am not sure how to celebrate. I don’t drink or anything: I think I might just go to bed,” added the British teenager. According to the race organizers, the top three gamers will have an official prize giving ceremony on the grand prix podium after tomorrow’s Formula one real season-ending race.

The final points results for 2017 F1 eSports championship standing

1 Brendon Leigh 74, 2 F. Donoso Delgado 68, 3 Sven Zurner 64, 4 Patrik Holzmann 45, 5 Cem Bolukbasi 35, 6 Frederik Rasmussen 35,7 Allert Vanderwal 33, 8 Gianfranco Giglioli 33, 9 Harrison Jacks 24,10 Joni Tormala 16, 11 Nicolo Fioroni 15, 12 Salih Saltunc 12, 13 Maximilian Benecke 11,14 Patryk Krutyj 9, 15 Mads Soerensen 8, 16 Alberto Foltran 8,17 Cedric Thome 7, 18 Igor Fraga 6, 19 Tiziano Brioni 2, 20 Sonuc Saltunc 2.

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