All in a Summer Season by Jean Ure

Posted On May 01, 2017 Contador Harrison

Jean Ure remains one of my favourite children’s author that i ever read as kid and to this date, with over 170 books, she’s still among the greatest fictional writers I’ve come across. As I was browsing through my library of 20th century fiction books, I landed on a...Read More

Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher

Posted On April 01, 2017 Contador Harrison

Small is Beautiful is the first book that I have read whose economic models are based on Burma, present day Myanmar. At the beginning i wasn’t certain what could have been achieved by using Southeast Asian nation metrics which was under military dictatorship when this book was published in...Read More

Tinsel by William Goldman

Posted On March 13, 2017 Contador Harrison

Am not selective on what I read and when I picked Tinsel, a book written by William Goldman from my bookshelf, I knew characters will be engrossing and entertaining. Its a book filled with sex and desperation and is more like Hollywood era of five decades ago.Tinsel is a...Read More

Disputed Passage by Lloyd C. Douglas

Posted On February 26, 2017 Contador Harrison

Lloyd C. Douglas was an incredible writer with extraordinary perfection on fictional writing. Dispute Passage was not only a successful novel but the film version did very well. ‘Have you not learnt great lessons from those who braced themselves against you, and disputed the passage with you?’ was an...Read More

My Camera, My Life by Sir Mohinder Dhillon

Posted On January 21, 2017 Contador Harrison

Mohinder Singh Dhillon’s autobiography entitled My Camera, My Life is three volume and reminds the reader why photography remains wildly popular artistic medium in Africa.Born in Punjab, India in 1931, he is a multi award winning photojournalist who first went to Kenya aged 16 to join his father, the...Read More