Body shaming phenomenon

Posted on August 2, 2016 02:40 pm

Contador Harrison isn’t fat and loathes anything to do with plus size but one thing he doesn’t do is to shame those who can even barely jog let alone do a 100 metres walk.We live in a world where TV presenters to models to athletes, all women are routinely subjected to scrutiny and inappropriate commentary on their appearance.Thats the reality we’ve all gotten used to.Thinking about weighing in on that baby bump?Just google the latest images of female celebrities who have given birth and you’ll see why its a crime not to be fit.Women of all ages are prone to having their bodies scrutinised by others. Whether it’s comments shouted from cars or assessments from workmates, friends and likes, there’s no way women can escape it.Thats why when a bloke beep horn at a woman, its not a compliment.To understand more on this topic, i decided to engage a female friend who suffered body shaming last year.From our conversation, she told me that there are only two stages in life that women are truly safe from sexualisation and scrutiny.One of them is zygote and approximately decades after death when one has long turned to dust and the generation in existence have no idea who you are.Her body shaming woes started when she shared a photo of her baby bump online and evidently, she was presumably excited about it.So when I sought her comments on how she handled the pressure after being hit with a barrage of negative comments about her appearance, she went numb.As young mother, I decided to put that topic aside.However, what my friend didn’t do was to ask for assessments like simply existing as a woman online is enough for people to assume you want their opinion. From childhood to this date, no woman is immune to this bark like judgement, not even the athletes competing at the upcoming Rio Olympics. These superstars are at the peak of their physical performance and yet all some people have focused on is their appearance.That person just flung herself high up into the air using an enormous springy vault, and you’re remarking on the shape of her thigh? Seriously? You tripped getting onto the bus this morning.At just 20 years of age, a woman was last week targeted by moronic online trolls for what the trollers considered unimpressive stuff. This woman posted a video of herself flipping in mid-air on a tiny balance beam warning her ex boyfriend not to try her with shenanigans otherwise she will deal the bloke ruthlessly.

Like the above lady aint that fat - Mathilde Grafström Photography
Like the above lady aint that fat – Mathilde Grafström Photography

That was her only crime and shortly after the video went viral, vile followed aplenty.The nasty comments she received on social media with some calling it her fat, others suggested she should go on a diet, reinforces the false notion that there is a right or wrong way to look athletic before taking on a man. If someone has the ability of the lady, they are an athlete enough even to be at the olympics starting this Friday.End of story.I would even want to see the so called ex boyfriend who prompted her to post that video.Those users comments often shared certain characteristics.Although i dread being plus size and luckily i have never been, I hold the view that as long as you’re healthy, you shouldn’t worry too much.This trolling happens to both underweight and overweight alike, with people seemingly so worried about their health. The reality is that you cannot judge the health of someone by their appearance. I know of a skinny gal who is suffering from diabetes and has two more lifestyle diseases. At the same time, there’s a fat bloke who can’t even run but he’s never been ill since childhood.We grew up together and nicknamed him Yokozuna, a name common with wrestlers in Japan because of his expanded waistline. A doctor once told me that even if you did have the results of a full blood test and GP’s assessment, its not about how fit you are but what you eat and do. He actually recommended extreme ironing for me.Overall, whether it’s simply someone who lifts weights for fun day and night, if they are a woman, they’ve probably heard the words masculine or manly said in a disapproving voice because we hardly expect to see muscle women.I dare say there will be plenty of them at the Rio Olympics.As a friend of mine told me many years ago, gender is a construct and time is a flat circle, so terms such as manly mean nothing in 21st century.Thanks to my fellow millennials, prehistoric terms like those ones, go back to the dinosaurs.Opinions are like antique button collections, everyone’s got one like myself who believes that men and women should not be plus size. It is wildly arrogant to presume that me, is the holder of all the objectively correct worldviews and assessments of others.Thats not me but what bothers me is me, myself and I.However, thanks to my writing skills, I have a duty to bestow my own opinions as I see fit.

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