“Blaming women for surging divorce rates means that they do not want women to be smart”

Posted on June 7, 2014 07:21 pm

The number of divorces registered by the East Africa courts has been rising sharply in the past three years, despite a costly ongoing programs that provides counseling to couples planning to wed.According to court data, registered divorces jumped by 58 percent last year compared to the 2008 figures that had an increase of 9 percent over the previous year. According to new data, about three million couples around the sub Saharan Africa get married each year.It keeps increasing, and that makes religious and pro marriage groups worried. The alarming figures means that program to educate people about marriage values was all the more important. In African culture, it’s the elderly and religious leaders who are responsible to teach about the meaning of marriage and how they can build good family values, in order to lower the divorce rate.The programs, which are not compulsory, provide guidance and counseling to couples intending to marry. It includes support from specialized staff at the marriage registry office. Once couples have undertaken the course, which lasts between one to a week, a certificate of completion is issued.

A new study has revealed that social media networking sites hasincreased domestic violence which continue to occur and divorce rates are not getting lower. The popularity of Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and others have made it impossible that modern marriage will last forever and most of those interviewed in the study think that it will increase the divorce rates as most women and men have multiple partners online. The researchers believe social media networking sites should be reviewed and strict monitoring put in place to ensure the marriage’s effectiveness. According to the authors, the three main reasons behind the sharp rise in the divorce rate were Social media driven infidelity, greater awareness of gender equality among women and economic differences in the family.The first five years of marriage is crucial for couples, and they tend to cheat on their partners. African women are now also more empowered to face their husbands to ask for a divorce as they are more aware of gender equality and many men feel like emancipation is now a threat to marriages in the continent because men and women had equal rights and equal responsibilities.

Contador Harrison