Blame mental disorder rapists and not what women wear

Posted on October 14, 2013 09:53 am

International media last week featured stories about how Indian women are being raped by criminal gangs with impunity yet very few of them are being brought to justice. Today, I am asking what can stop our women from being raped. I vividly recall various debates I’ve had with friends with some suggesting that women need to change in their dress code and cover their legs and cover their cleavage. One bloke from Sydney once told me that miniskirt-wearing women were attracting men and those who have no control will develop dirty mind that could lead to rape. In his own words, he suggested that women who wore miniskirts in public were prone to being raped. In my opinion, it’s not the fault of what our women wear I personally blame the rapists who have a mental disorder. Instead of blaming what women wear, men should appreciate the looks turn their heads and move on and law enforcement agencies should provide security especially on public domains like streets, public transport, venues and events. I strongly condemn the rapists and one of those who believe the perpetrators must be castrated. Not many would agree though. After a series of attacks on women by public transportation in India last year including the gang rape of a 23 years old aspiring medical woman on her way home from work in a bus the country has drafted new laws to tackle the runway crime. How can someone want us to believe that when a woman wears a short skirt and sits next to you is inviting? We all have different ideologies, interpretation and thinking about what women wear are sensible clothes or not inviting clothes.

Where is the standard definition? I believe that men of today should have enough level of education that could help them respect women, no matter what they wear. A good man respects his sisters whether biological or not and there is no reason why people cannot respect other women. Countries need law that outlines ways to lessen the chances of rape happening and law enforcements agencies should be responsible for keeping our female counterparts safe. Thanks to some countries having controversial pornography laws and the diverse religion, culture, tradition and laws that exist we need to treat women with dignity and instead of forcing a woman to have sex why cant these rapists seek the service from brothels? I had a hilarious debate with a friend last week and I must admit people irrespective of their education levels have very different opinion. I asked the guy what is pornography and his answer was that it is a sex and nudity the latter catering for his strong beliefs that its one of the reason why men rape women. He did not even answer me what is wrong with it. I would want someone to challenge me who in this society of 7.2 billion people has the right to act against immorality and pornography. In ancient times, aborigines used to live naked. Even today there are plenty of indigenous people who still live in bush naked. What do people consider as pornographic? Some purities would tell you that mini skirts, prostitution, blue film movies and adultery while libertarians like me will tell you that kissing in public, nude images, striptease among others are not in any way whatsoever pornographic material.

Challenge me if you can and show me any individual in this world who can deduce a clear definition of what pornography is. For example if I buys blue films and watch them privately in my bedroom, then who does Contador Harrison harm? It is very easy to obtain these online and in the streets. The sale is done openly, meaning it is tolerated in most countries. There are huge differences between urban and non-urban population and none can lay claim to be more morally upright. In reality, urban life is for strangers. Just ask anyone who lives in Helsinki or Melbourne. Most of them do not know their neighbors. Think of any ethnic or religious groups in urban areas and none of them is homogenous.  Most countries are characterized by diversity, nonetheless and even like when there were troubles in United Kingdom in 2011 or Sweden few months ago people of diverse culture stressed the need for unity although it could only concerns a superficial unity. As Angela Merkel remarked two years ago, multiculturalism also has major flaws and that’s why in countries like Germany and Russia it has failed spectacularly. A society cannot be divided into homogenous blocks of separate and static cultures as Swedish people realized with violence few months ago. The same scenario applies to the morality of the society and the buffoon mentality that rape is connected to dress code. There is no connection between the two whatsoever. Who has the right to declare what is morally right and wrong when it comes to dressing code? Contemporary societies are defined by complexity. Complexity cannot be ordered by decree of some few airhead thinking. Rapists are individuals and groups who take the law into their own hands. Hate or like me, I am one of those who believe feminists should have the freedom to embrace the idea that it is acceptable for women to invite sexual attention by dressing and acting seductively and unless your rotten mentally such behavior should not be viewed as harmful and as a cause of female equality.

I am one of those who support our women’s right to wear miniskirts just so that men like me can appreciate the view. I see no reason as to why people demonize the feminists who flaunt their sexuality. Take it or leave it feminists of today are operating in a much different culture and it’s one that is a lot more sexual. Brand me an advocate of immorality but I think sex positivity in the feminism is what’s relevant to women’s lives be it in Finland or Australia or whether in Uganda or Brazil. I belong to the younger generation that transparently debate healthy attitude about sex and sexuality and we are the types who think raping should be life sentence crime. The society need to focus their efforts on the real source of the rape, which, after all, is men dominated. Not all men, of course. But it’s almost entirely men who rape and me thinks repeatedly they should be castrated. Who, when confronted, insist that a woman was “asking for it” because she looked so hot, her boobs were cool and her legs are eye magnets. Common knowledge teaches us that flirtatious outfit can, indeed, mean a woman is “asking for” something from men attention and at times a polite approach from a secret admirer in gatherings like wedding, galas and sports events. Unless you are a catechist, there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is when a man goes further than the woman wants in providing such attention. That happens far too often and I am one of those men happy that women want to look sexy. I must admit that I always return the favor by treating such women with respect and I believe you should do the same if you belong to 21st century settings mentality.

Contador Harrison