Bittersweet love story involving a close friend

Posted on May 7, 2014 04:35 pm

Love is a word that almost all of us mention on a couple of times per month. Being frank, fair and fearless with those who adore the “religion of love”, most of the romantic moments in our lives are somewhat shallow and short sighted. Contador Harrison believes they all follow the same concept that existed a century ago and maybe make “fools of love” smile, but they don’t leave a lasting legacy and for those I have across are living a bitter life full of regrets. Enter a friend who has just gotten engaged with a beau aged 26 years. With his newest fling partner, “It’s Complicated,” and proved that he is one of the better romantic creators, as the well educated lady has already shown in their relationship and reminded me of high school days when we used to say that “what women want,” “kisses and hugs” and “something’s you’ve got to give.” During our chinwag yesterday, my friend intimated to me that “it’s Complicated” is and despite how they try to wonderfully portray it, the lady has just moved out of the house where they have been living together since their intimacy began. Left alone, he longs for affection that he gets in a controlled way.

Little did he expect that affection would arrive in the form of her ex-girlfriend though he still has the present one as first choice. Have never understood what magic or science engaged men use to handle multiple partners. A night with too many drinks was the beginning of their rekindled love, only this time ex-girlfriend becomes “the other woman,” the mistress of the my friend who cheated on and left her two years ago for somebody much younger than herself and who recently left him. As he continued narrating to me his ordeal, the Tv channel tuned in at the restaurant was playing a video by Brick and Lace song Love is Wicked and indeed to my friend its extremely wicked. My friend confessed to me that ex-girlfriend was reluctant at first, and torn between feelings of passion and guilt but finally she let herself get involved in an affair with him again also satisfied that he isn’t happier in his current relationship with a young, trendy and dynamic lover than he was in theirs few years ago. As if this scenario weren’t tangled enough, my friend throws in ex’s architect, still suffering from his own botched relationship and to me the love triangle is complete.

The interaction between my friend and his ex- girlfriend is their quest to see if the love they once felt for each other still existed, and the complicated situations they find themselves in as they try to keep their affair hidden are the strongest elements of the story he gave me as we downed cups of cappuccinos. The story’s strongest asset is also its weak point. Because of my friend’s powerful presence and playboy tactics that I have for long discouraged him, the three characters pale in comparison. My friend remains largely colorless and the two women he’s dating seem to be mere decoration. The only other significant revelation that stood out is when my friend accidentally found out about a secret affair between his current official girlfriend and her boss in an International bank that puts him in an uncomfortable situation. Money is central to all love affairs nowadays as my friend shared with me photos on his iPad where they live in beautiful houses with ridiculously large bedrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and perfect gardens. Because of their well off background, they never worry about money, and are successful in their jobs and businesses. This might be too close to fiction in my case, but by presenting these circumstances as a given, the three can fully concentrate on their inner lives, their sexual and relationship problems and the tangled web they have woven by falling in love.

Contador Harrison