Benefits of positive thinking

Posted on June 1, 2016 12:59 am

Some of my friends have started their summer holidays and others will begin this month of June.Holidays are always important is refreshing our minds and setting up a positive pattern.But no matter what profession we belong, what we do or how we live our life, everyone can sink into the pattern of having negative pattern. We all know they do no good yet it is easy to get dragged into negative patterns that drain our energy and effectively keep us from being in the present moment. They are like small rolling ball, as they roll down they become huge and fast and before we know it feels almost impossible to get out of that mindset.Studies I have read show that positivity has knock-on effects that can help humans flourish in all areas of life.Some focus only on negative emotions such as anger, grief or disgust but others focus on positive emotions, which strongly influences level of happiness and lead to flourish both physically and psychologically.In my view, positivity is the mindset that helps produce emotions such as joy, amusement, happiness, serenity, gratitude and inspiration. From experience, I know negative emotions really hit like a sledgehammer and in my case have been much more intense and attention grabbing than when I have positive emotions, which are comparably more subtle.I have had an ingrained negativity bias.But what i have seen over the years, positive emotions can act as nutrients and have helped me become more resourceful versions of myself.

During the most difficult moments of my life, positive emotions expands my awareness while neutral emotions tend to narrow my mindsets and then negative emotions narrow my mindsets even further.Overall, having an open mindset helps me connect with others and build relationships, resilience,my physical health and energetic.A friend of mine, told me few years ago about subjective phenomenological sense which can be seen in non-verbal behaviour, the openness that goes with positive emotions in terms of the open mindset and also how people carry themselves on a daily basis.As human beings, our ability to recognise individuals is facilitated by the temporary experience of positive emotions.It’s well-known that most people are very good at recognising the faces of individuals from similar race backgrounds and less good at recognising individuals from other backgrounds but with influence of positive emotions,  that ‘race identifier’ disappears altogether.Positive emotions are actually more frequent than negative emotional experiences.There are two different asymmetries, an asymmetry in intensity that favours negative emotions, and one in frequency that favours positive emotions.As hard as it may seem to change most of the time, my focus from negative to positive thoughts have helped me develop a strong pattern that helps me overcome daily challenges.

Surrounding myself with positive thinking plays a big role on how I react to different situations and challenges. I have also learned how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.For example, if it’s a difficult situation such a difficult situation I experienced around mid last month, I came up with options to resolve that situation as opposed to taking more time and going into a downward spiral. Coming up with a solution and put it into action has also been very helpful to me. Listing things that am grateful for have helped me appreciate the good things in life, all the good that am capable of and how much more I can do. As they say, good thoughts inspire good actions. Going for a run at least three times a week have helped me focus on my fitness. Exercising has helped my brain produce more dopamine which according to scientists releases happy chemicals into the brain. I do also appreciate that no one is perfect and what I do is to cut myself some slack and not dwell on my mistakes. My art of dealing with them is to learn from them and move on.Am human and do have negative thoughts.Since childhood, I have never met someone who doesn’t have negative mentality but we all possess the ability to turn things around and shape our own destiny.

Contador Harrison