Ben McCormack day of infamy

Posted on April 7, 2017 12:01 am

Nine Network television reporter Ben McCormack arrest yesterday on allegations of child pornography left me gobsmacked. How on earth can such a legendary journo bring his glittering career to a juddering halt like that? I still can’t understand how daring he was to not understand that protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation online and offline is not only immoral but equally unforgivable. Come on McCormack, you definitely knew that possessing, sharing or distributing child pornography is illegal and despicable. Offenders face years in jail for possession, forwarding on material, and for distributing or trading in child sex abuse material. You didn’t know that McCormack? I strongly believe that committing to child protection and becoming an example for protecting them is non negotiable. In fact, the possession of child pornography should be interpreted in the same way as having illicit drug in possession.Even people who download child pornographic files onto their devices from social media ought to face legal action. How can this bloke who has built his career for more than a quarter century as fearless reporter who reported countlessly on tax evaders, welfare crooks among other investigative story stoop that low? This is the same bloke who told us how ex Hey Dad actor Robert Hughes was involved in alleged child abuse. Was McCormack preaching morality and practising immorality? If the allegations against McCormack following New South Wales police sting operations are true, then Nine’s Network must sack him with immediate effect and not tell us he has been suspended, because thats not good enough. Those of us who know Nine’s Sydney North offices as source of finest journalism in Oz, must be rewarded by Nine dismissing him. Being arrested and charged for allegedly sending child abuse material and engaging in explicit conversations about children with another man online is reprehensible. No one can convince me that McCormack didn’t know that Australian law prohibits against child prostitution, pornography and posting of pornographic images of children on the Internet. Who does that anyway? Only dimwits.Look, am not saying McCormack is guilty but there is no way coppers can arrest him without substantial evidence. New South Wales police aren’t some sort of a third world country outfit that acts on hearsay.He may have been granted conditional bail to appear at court next month but his career’s end is nigh if not extinguished by now. McCormack’s unearthed behaviour reminded me of Great Britain’s greatest pedophile, the late Jimmy Saville’s who had built a terrifying and an enormous network of child sexual abuse. Saville was lucky to have died before being discovered.

Have never understood how grown ups share photos, videos, stories, and even tips on their sexual abuses involving minors.There is no denying the serious harmful impacts of child sexual abuse. In my view, it is imperative to stop people using sex as a weapon to inflict pain and damage to minors and McCormack must have known that.When it comes to sexual offences, Australia has been at the forefront of punishing perpetrators very well but what this case of McCormack shows is that addressing the norms and institutions that provide fertile ground for child porn to flourish need to be dealt with. Am very disgusted with McCormack whom I’ve religiously watched whenever possible on his A Current Affairs show, one of my favourite on Nine’s Network programs. Those of us who believe in defending minors from such sexual predators knows very well that victims are silenced, hampering their mental strength growth. In addition, several studies have shown that kids who are brought up in abusive families and environments end up having a rough life. Is this what McCormack didn’t bother to care? The events of 2003 involving killing of 13 year old Daniel Morcombe, a Queenslander is still fresh in my memory, that story was widely covered by Nine’s Network, McCormack’s employer.I have encountered many predatory pedophiles stories over the years. Some of them despite being arrested and jailed they boasted of their crimes, claiming that its only puritanical society that prohibits children from the so called “freedom of sexual expression” as Brett Cowan, the pedophile behind the murder of Daniel Morcombe bragged. Most stories I have come across about pedophiles is that they do not regret their actions and in some cases they glory in them and don’t care about the damage to their victims.Some have bizarrely claimed they are addicted and unable to stop themselves from preying on children and few express remorse for their acts. This was the case way back in 1990s as a tween when a neighbour lost her son to pedophile who was a biological brother. That lady committed suicide after realising that her only asset was gone forever. She narrated to my mother how the predatory pedophile brother was a clever, calculating criminal. I can’t forget how she told of her brother stalking her kid with great care, working himself into positions of trust to an extent she would leave for weeks doing research work in Alice Springs and Darwin little did she know what a beast of a brother she had. Since then, i detest anyone involved or engaging in child abusers who on many occasions are no strangers to their victims. It pains that our sisters and mothers see their kids lose dignity or life through those they have trusted more than external criminals like kidnappers. If the allegations against McCormack are confirmed as accurate, then Oz has a problem of pedophiles beyond what is known in public. Can’t end without saying Kudos to New South Wales detectives, well done blokes and skirties!

Contador Harrison