Be cautious while giving personal data online

Posted on July 7, 2013 08:41 am

I have argued before that companies that bother storing people’s information are clueless idiots. What would for example benefit a company that has details of someone who’s dead and how would they even know the person is six feet under. Online savvy folks willing but carelessly give their personal details for various reasons from banking security, online shopping deals, health care operators to mention a few among many others.There is need for utmost care whenever you plan to share your online information. When it come to retailers many go for targeted promotions, with majority willing to make return purchases at a retailer that offered targeted deals. When it comes to the information your willing to provide do not divulge anything more than email or social media addresses and for post codes it can be costly because you don’t have credible information what are the intentions of data seeker.

However, when it comes to retailers, I advise that you don’t share any data beyond your purchasing history. Research shows that irrespective of the age groups and basis of Internet use as well as adoption of smartphone and tablet devices the banks are more trusted with personal data than other service providers including retailers. Majority of us trusts the bankers they can mine our transaction data to detect any potential security breaches. As a libertarian, I have no problem with a lot of people willing to trade off their personal information if they trust themselves they would get a benefit from it. But before you disseminate any information kindly ensure you the recipient deserve your trust before giving it. I have always had this view that we trade online and yet the retailers have failed to make their data-use policy transparent to the people who buy their products online. It would be very important to make transparent the data-use policy.

Contador Harrison