Barnaby Joyce affair could end his career

Posted on February 10, 2018 12:38 am

Australia’s deputy Prime Minster Barnaby Joyce is currently the fodder of media outlets both mainstream and digital thanks to his affair with former journalist Vikki Campion. Joyce’s infidelity was revealed by Sydney based Daily Telegraph where Vikki Campion used to work, and talked about like no other scandal to hit Canberra elite in recent years. At first, I thought being a bachelor I have no moral authority to share my views about the saga but after a heated exchange with a Sydneysider yesterday that all changed.We all know that sexual affairs are defined as sex outside the marriage or the primary relationship, when it is against the couple’s definition of the contract. Natalie Joyce, Barnaby’s wife emotional involvement has been extremely devastating and like many emotional affairs it has been damaging to relationships especially that sex and a soon to be born child is involved. I have a friend who has an agreement with the wife that sex outside their relationship is permitted and both are members of a partner swapping club in Melbourne.  Therefore, as I told my Sydneysider friend, definition to Barnaby’s affair where sexual has taken place termination of it should depend on him and Natalie Joyce on what their marriage contract entailed. Anyone old enough knows that extramarital affairs and infidelities are common and thriving. The truth is, Natalie Joyce cannot forgive Barnaby for lying to her. She has actually been the biggest supporting cast of her estranged husband infidelity over the years and covered it up so well, and put up with it in a way that made it look as though she had approved of it until a child was revealed to her.Those things, combined with her values and four kids on her hands, made Natalie Joyce stay in such a marriage even though it made her suffer. In my view, Natalie Joyce seems to be a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage. Nothing but death could break her marriage, not even a mistress or a bunch of prostitutes that have in the past been reported as sexual partners of Barnaby Joyce. Wanted her and Barnaby to be best friends, trusted confidantes, and passionate lovers to boot.Over the years, she believed she had won over her marriage but her 50 years old husband got sexual urges that are enough to rival a teenager. But I’m sure by now Natalie has figured he might have cheated on her to levels never imagined and adultery is his perfectionism.

Being one of those who believe infidelity is everywhere, few people clearly understands it. For example, definition of infidelity cannot be the same as in the past in a digital age when the possibilities of sex, desire and love seem to be infinitely expanding.Your blogger feels that betrayal is not longer a sexual act and the ways in which one can be considered to be unfaithful are today are evolving. Back in the days, we never used to have chat rooms and if one wanted to watch porn, it was only available in DVDs, CDs.There were no dating apps and deep love affair was only possible through meeting a lover.In that context, it is only individuals betrayed or betrayer who have moral reasons to define what constitutes an infidelity and not the experts in relationships or marriages, not even courts of law.One thing that can however change is that betrayal in marriage involves deception, lying, secrecy, a breach of trust, it is hurtful and in the case of Natalie Joyce, it represents the shattering of the grand ambition of love. Sexual exclusivity is a source of security and the basis for trust but for her now, that will never be the case again.Barnaby Joyce is aware that as a public figure, the second in command of a country with over 23 million people, monogamy in marriage at its most dogmatic is a moral prescription that must be taken, a non negotiable demand for consistency that leaves no room for ambivalence but he has failed spectacularly.At his age, Barnaby understands that fidelity, in that sense, has a self-fulfilling logic, one that invariably results in disappointment, self-reproach and, arguably, makes those married profoundly unfree. Perhaps in his case, he expected too much from Natalie. In largely conservative Australia, everything the traditional family is meant to provide is the minimum they’d expect from their national leader, many would want him to love, desire and be interested in his wife. Beyond fantasies of marriages, it’s hardly surprising then that Barnaby Joyce cannot withstand the impossibility of such demands. To him, it appears infidelity appears as a solution, an escape from the unbearable weight of mutual expectations from her beloved wife of more than 20 years, Natalie Joyce. With all those factors put together about Barnaby being dishonest, unreliable whether the Australian public will find him suitable to continue as deputy premier, your blogger feels that his political career hangs in the balance.

Contador Harrison