Australia’s cyber security coordination Centre unveiled

Posted on January 23, 2013 12:01 pm

Australia will create a cyber security coordination Centre by the end of the year and is expected to have staff from a number of top defense, security and legal agencies. Australian Cyber Security Centre will house members of the Department of Defense, the Attorney General’s Department, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization, the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission. According to the details, the facility will also provide Australia with an expanded and more agile response capability to deal with all cyber issues related to government or industry, crime or security. The Centre will also create greater collaboration with the private sector, state and territory governments, and international partners to combat the full breadth of cyber threats.Federal Government has committed $1.46 billion until 2020 to bolster the security of Australia’s most sensitive networks, and has established a cyber security office within the Prime Minister and Cabinet. There were no details on how the Centre would differ from the existing Cyber Security Operations Centre within the Department of Defense, whose main aim is to assist businesses under attack and take down botnet control servers. CSOC is permanently staffed by a handful of members of the Defense Signals Directorate, the Australian Federal Polices technical crime wing, Australia Security Intelligence Organization and the Computer Emergency Response Team Australia.

Released details indicate the Centre is one initiative drawn from Australia’s first national cyber security strategy, which highlights the need for better collaboration between state and private sectors to boost cyber security efforts. Australian Cyber Security Centre will be responsible for developing sophisticated capabilities to maximize Australia’s strategic capacity and reach in cyberspace, giving the federal government abilities to detect, deter and deny offshore malicious cyber crooks from targeting the country. The Centre is also expected to develop a comprehensive understanding of the threat the Australian government networks and systems of national interests and responding to and assisting in the mitigation of cyber incidents affecting both the government and private sector networks. Another responsibility is working with critical infrastructure sectors and key industry partners to limit the threat to our nation’s most valuable networks and systems. The other key mandate is to provide key policy agencies with advise and support for their efforts to develop proactive strategies to counter cyber threats.



Contador Harrison